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Working From Home

For many, extra time working from home is a dream come true – if you can make it come true! Whether it helps you avoid a difficult commute, or balance your working life with childcare, it adds some much needed flexibility and for many it’s something to aim for!

Today we’re looking at a few of the ways you can get to work from home and how to make it work for you.

Attaining the Dream

If you’re at the beginning of your career, you have the chance to shape your work around being able to do it from home. This will often take you in to the route of freelance work, that may come with client meetings and travel, but you largely are able to define when and where you work, for maximum freedom.

If you’re already years into an office job, you will need to proceed quite carefully to try and achieve your goal. Unless the matter is urgent, it could be worth waiting for annual review meeting, as this is a good opportunity to discuss changes in the next year at your job.

Make sure you make a good case: it likely won’t be enough to present this as a preference and leave it at that. Demonstrate the ways you will be able to compensate for not being in the office: if there’s particular tools you need to use, make sure you can show you have access to them at home. For example, if you need to log into a work network for vital data, make sure you are able to access this at home. Show you have the communication tools to stay in touch with everyone at work.

If you’re able to come to some kind of compromise you can begin your working from home dream!

Getting Results

You’re going to need to make sure your productivity matches your output in the office, or exceeds it!

Clear space to work in. If you’re surrounded by clutter you’re not going to be able to focus and your work will clutter. If you’re looking for storage in London, there are plenty of companies who will help you clear out your spare room so you’ll have an office to work in.

In the early days make sure you don’t just work hard: work loudly! Check in with people regularly through email, instant messenger and phone so they know you are still hard at work and doing everything you need to!

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