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Why Do ICOs Give Away Free Tokens in an Airdrop?

Tokens are airdropped whenever a blockchain project decides to give away free crypto assets to a community. The process of airdropping isn’t new—the phenomenon shot to fame throughout 2017 chiefly because of the ICO space’s increased regulatory uncertainty and other marketing restrictions. Let’s see how these two developments are shaking up the entire crypto-verse—and how airdrop is the ultimate tactic to deal with these two problems.

The unregulated and uncharted world of crypto

We all know how unregulated the ICO market is currently. As a result, there’ve been many ICO scams. Investors who wish to speculate in an ICO campaign will undoubtedly want to lay their hands on some free tokens. That’s precisely where airdropping will kick into action.

Marketing restrictions create a new trend

The marketing restrictions for ICOs are real and painful in equal measure. The companies launching their ICOs can’t use either Facebook or Google to market their projects. So, the best way through which a project can create lasting exposure and hype is airdropping.

Other reasons pointing toward the importance of airdrops for crypto projects

Now, here are some other factors that drive a blockchain-based project to airdropping some tokens.                                                            

Building hype that lasts long—really long

Freebies are liked by everyone. By using an airdrop as part of their marketing campaign, a business will do something that’ll be definitely appreciated by everyone in the crypto community. So, by doing airdrops, the project will raise awareness of the project and its token or ICO. Thus, by conducting an airdrop, the team behind the project will get the entire community talking.

By airdrops, the team will actually improve its project’s reach by a pretty wide margin. Sometimes, if an airdropping strategy is timed well, it’ll lead to the appreciation of the token’s price. What’s happening in this case is that if more people hold the airdropped token in their wallets, they give it a higher value—this is called the endowment effect. Additionally, many people will want to own something that’s already owned by a huge set of people and this is likely to visibly boost the token’s value.

Digital coin developers use airdrops to promote their new blockchain-based projects and the best part of this promotion is that the companies are saved from spending an insane amount of money on branded t-shirts, billboards, and the like. However, these free tokens aren’t automatically distributed—instead, either the launching companies decide who all will get the freebies or the investors can participate in the airdropping event.

In any case, it’s true that a digital coin—if given for free—will gain traction right away. Initially, this marketing tactic was adopted by start-ups only, but now it’s being embraced by big companies that are launching their ICOs. So, all in all, airdrops are used for building hype that has a long life.

Pushing mass adoption to a whole new level

Crypto enthusiasts sing the praises of blockchain and how it’s bringing a change in the way businesses work; they know exactly how blockchain can transform the entire commercial space if it’s used well. However, despite the rising interest in digital currency, it has only been adopted by a small fraction of the global population. However, airdrops are designed to tackle this challenge.

Many leading blockchain-based firms think that airdrops will become one of the most sophisticated ways to acquire new crypto investors. Well, slipping rewards inside someone’s wallet is doubtlessly a robust method to grab their attention. The airdropping strategy has all the right elements to push cryptocurrency adoption to the next level.

To make sure that the crypto community thrives in the near future, this marketing strategy has to be adopted far and wide -nothing is much better than giving away free crypto tokens. Actually, airdropping some free tokens is similar to planting a seed in the brain of a prospective investor. It’s just a form of advertising that’ll let more and more investors own a crypto asset.

By pushing mass adoption, the companies will put these free tokens into everyone’s crypto wallets. So, basically, airdropping is one nifty marketing strategy for a crypto business.

Overall, airdrops are creating a crypto community that generates investors’ interest – particularly those who’re of two minds about speculating on these digital assets.

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