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Why Buy a Second Hand Vehicle?

Sales of second hand cars are up across the UK, as greater numbers of savvy buyers are choosing used vehicles over brand new ones. Purchasing a used car is now easier and safer than ever, and buying from reputable dealers like Exchange and Mart removes the risk of getting ripped off that used to discourage many customers.

It’s a Cost-Effective Solution

The biggest advantage of buying a second hand car is the reduced cost involved. A new car begins to depreciate in value the moment it is driven away from the dealer’s lot, and the biggest depreciation occurs over the first three years of ownership. If you buy a second hand vehicle that is between three and five years old, you’re guaranteed to get a top-quality vehicle for a fraction of the retail price. A used car is a great solution for those looking to buy their first vehicle, upgrading or looking for something bigger than will accommodate an extra family member. You can afford to move up to a better class of vehicle for a lower price if you buy second hand, and it will also allow you to splash out on that high performance model you’ve always coveted. Insurance costs for second hand cars tend to be lower too, so you can save money on premiums even when it comes to insuring imported cars or vehicles with especially powerful engines.

Safety and Reliability

The safety and reliability of new cars is improving all the time, and as these filter down into the second-hand market, so the same qualities improve in used vehicles. You should always test drive a second hand car and ask to see all relevant paperwork including the service history and vehicle registration before purchasing and there are tools that allow you to make a vehicle details inquiry on the website. There’s no reason why purchasing a used vehicle should be any more risky than buying one brand new.

Additional Extras

With the money saved from the cost of the vehicle and on your car insurance premium, you will be able to deck your car out in any additional features that you feel are missing. Added extras often send the price of new cars skyrocketing, but you can easily equip a used car with the smart gadgets that you and your family need, after the initial sale has been made.

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