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Ways to Save Money when Planning a Bridal or Baby Shower

It seems like this time of year I am bombarded with attending bridal and baby showers every weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends but these showers can be such a bore.  Recently one of my friends was complaining about how much her baby shower was going to cost her and her husband, and that the amount of money they were spending might not be worth all the gifts and love showered upon them that day.  This got me thinking, why is she spending so much money and what in the world is she spending that money on?

The venue doesn’t need to extravagant. I suggest saving money by choosing a local restaurant with a large room or having it in someone’s back yard.  A back yard party is very affordable if you rent chairs, tables, and tent all from the same company.  You can hire a great BBQ company or get it catered by your favorite Mexican restaurant.  Having a buffet in an outdoor location is a must.  You don’t need to pay for caters or servers to be there, have the food delivered and ask a few male friends to hang out with the dad or groom and ask them clear the plates from the guests tables.  Your guests appreciate good food so spend more money on that, and less on the venue.

Decorations are a must for every great shower, but guests don’t care about them as much as you think. Don’t waste money on having a floral company come in and decorate each table with an enormous centerpiece.  Think about going to your local hardware store and buying potted flowers or plants as the centerpieces.  Cover the plastic pot with pretty fabric and now you have a huge centerpiece that decorates the room.  You can even use them as a prize for someone at each table to win and take home.

Prizes and party favors are fun for your guest to win, but they don’t expect a lot.  Don’t waste your money on making $100 gift baskets or buying everyone a little candle to take home, I personally throw that stuff away, or it ends up collecting dust.

Just remember when you’re planning your shower your guest only really care about the food, winning a prize during the games, and seeing you happy.  Cakes, and show stopping centerpieces are a waste of money.

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