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Unsent Letters: Bitchy and Back from the Dead Edition

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly dead, but I definitely felt like it for the past few days. What started out as allergies and exhaustion quickly morphed into a summer cold. I’ve been too sickly to do much of anything besides go to work, and I have been in one heck of a terrible mood! People (and things) are seriously getting on my nerves. Since I can’t think of anything nice to say, I thought I’d bore entertain you with my bitchy thoughts in the form of letters I’ll never send!

Dear Lifetouch Photography:

I don’t appreciate the new trend of forcing parents to pay for school photos before we even see them. While I know most parents will buy anything with their child’s face on it, I’m an honest parent who knows sometimes my kid looks a little….special in pictures. Of course that’s partially because your photographers aren’t even trained to wait until the kid is, you know, LOOKING at the camera and not sneezing to push the button. $27 is a lot to prepay for photos that may be better suited for one of those donation jars at the gas station. Is it too much to ask that you take the damn picture, send home a proof (or, better yet, email it to me), and let me decide if it’s worth the money first? And please use my money to purchase some new backgrounds – I’m sick of seeing my kid in what looks like an 80s music video.

Love, Andrea

Dear Guy Who Took Me to Lunch:

You had a lot of potential. We have tons in common and you were pretty cool when we talked on the phone. I even enjoyed my lunch and your insistence on paying for it. But the fact is, I have a hard time taking a guy seriously when he says he misses me TWO HOURS after we meet for the first time. And the badly-written poem about how you’ll spend forever waiting for me to trust you? Maybe that works for 14 year olds, but I’m a grown ass woman and I forwarded that poem to like 50 of my friends so we could laugh. I have a career, a child, a home to maintain, and a life. I don’t have time to sit around texting and talking on the phone all day. I don’t know you well enough to miss you. There is no need to text me after I block you on Facebook to find out what happened. And you’re obviously desperate. Thank you for reminding me why I don’t bother dating.

Love, Andrea

Dear Comcast:

I applaud the sneaky way that you ended my promotion on August 1 and charged me the full amount after telling me I would keep the lower price through the month of August. I was carefully poised to intervene as soon as my promotions expired, but you made sure I wouldn’t be able to do so. I got an email from my bank yesterday letting me know that I paid you $89.20 for my cable and internet, and I sincerely hope you are proud of yourselves for ripping me off a month earlier than expected. Because next week I’m going to bring you my DVR and tell you what you can do with my cable service unless you give me another promotion AND an exact date when it will end. You may be in denial about the growth of services like Netflix and Hulu, but I’m not. Keep that in mind.

Love, Andrea

Dear Friends Who Are Now Hidden on Facebook:

  • It’s “should have” or “should’ve,” not “should of.” So just stop it. You are a disgrace.
  • If you don’t know how to use apostrophes, don’t use them. You do not ask “all mother’s to repost this” or make “taco’s” for dinner.
  • You don’t “loose” a game of Monopoly; you “lose” it. And if you’re me, you lose it really badly as soon as possible because you hate Monopoly.
  • No one watches the Youtube videos you post unless they are hilarious, perverted, or contain cats. Or some combination of the three. I don’t care if “Tear My Heart Open” by Papa Roach perfectly describes your life right now – just post the effing lyrics so it doesn’t take as long to scroll past it.
  • I will not post anything as my status for one hour no matter how many times you personally request it. The soldiers, sick people, and even Jesus are not going to benefit from my Facebook status. When I care about someone, I show them instead of thinking I can change the world through annoying others.
  • I don’t need to know everything you do. “Just woke up and taking my morning dump!” “Driving to work!” “Just got to work!” “Ugh work is so boring!” “Eating lunch then going back to work!” “Waiting for time to go home!” “Driving home!” “Cooking dinner!” IT GETS OLD.

Love, Andrea

I could keep going, but I feel slightly better now that I’ve purged some of my inner rage. Plus I don’t want you guys to think I’m completely nuts. I have a feeling, though, that I’m not the only one who composes unsent letters in my head from time to time.

Is there a letter you’d like to write and not send? Leave it in the comments!

About Andrea Whitmer

Andrea is a freelance web developer and mom trying to maintain a sense of humor in an otherwise chaotic world. She blogs in hopes of helping others avoid the same mistakes she made in the past. Join in the discussion here on So Over This, or connect on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google Plus. You can also subscribe to new posts via RSS so you never miss out!


  1. I absolutely love it! 

    I was not aware of this new Lifetouch trend, I don't like it. 
    Two hours? Reeaalllyy? Guy you went on date with.
    Comcast can suck it!
    Yes, yes and more freakin' yes to the Facebook ridiculousness! 

    Thank you!

  2. Jocelyn Ayson says

    Loved reading your unsent letters.  Although I haven't done that in the past, it's definitely something I want to try.  Sounds like the perfect way to release some not-so-pleasant thoughts.

  3. Ha! This is hilarious! Way to make my cold just a little more bearable. (And seriously, wtf is up with "summer colds"? There should be no such thing as a summer cold!)

  4. These are gold.  It's always good to see someone else shudder at Facebook grammar.  Can we add "your," and "you're" to the list?

  5. Lmao!! Love it!! I have a few letters I'd like to write but I'll keep them in pandoras box for now.. 😉

  6. LOVE IT! Completely made my day better knowing I'm not the only one who writes "bitchy" letters to people. Only difference I write it in my head and virtually send it to them.

  7. rhitter1994 says

    LOL!!!  That you for this!  I loved it!

  8. Rebecca Mercer says

    I think you should go ahead and mail the first and third ones! and thank you for this:

    "I will not post anything as my status for one hour no matter how
    many times you personally request it. The soldiers, sick people, and
    even Jesus are not going to benefit from my Facebook status."…..Im gonna have to make it my facebook status "next time" 😉 (Ill give credit!)

  9. These are all brilliant. Comcast is so naughty. I've been sicky too. And I'm happy to be on the up and up again FINALLY. It's hell when you feel not like you.

  10. Too funny.  Thanks for making me laugh.

  11. I have never ordered school pictures.  I think my kids are the most photographed human beings on the face of the earth.  I don't need another one… and it paper form no less.  Although they almost got me with the splatter paint background.  Maybe this year.  lol.

    • That's interesting! I usually buy them if they aren't horrible. My mom always bought ours so she could paste one into our School Memories books, so I feel like I'm a horrible parent if I don't buy at least one set every year. Since my dad has a side photography business, maybe I should just get him to take them instead.

  12. "I will not post anything as my status for one hour no matter how
    many times you personally request it. The soldiers, sick people, and
    even Jesus are not going to benefit from my Facebook status. When I care
    about someone, I show them instead of thinking I can change the world
    through annoying others." THIS. Times a million. And the whole Facebook part, really. Shudder. My unsent letter from last week would have read something like:Dear labmate,I know you are very intelligent, but I have performed this experiment at least a dozen times, and you've only done it once. Please listen to me when I tell you what order we should do things in. When I say that one of us should do this and the other should do that, we should do those two things. You shouldn't follow me around and ask if I need an extra hand on my part. I've done this experiment alone many times, we've just combined a few things I normally don't do on the same day. I don't need help. I expected two people to make the work go faster, not slower. Sincerely,labmate who does not like to be late to scheduled flow cytometry time

  13. Andrea, my "favorite" person on facebook loves to talk so much smack about how "dumb" other people are… but I see this same person commenting on other friends' pages with the wrong use of your/you're/its/it's/their/there/they're. I just want to smack him so hard!  Sometimes I wonder if he's doing it on purpose.

  14. Andrea,  These letters are hilarious.  All I can say is you need to write MORE!  I think you should have a weekly column where people submit topics and you release a few frustrations for them.

    I wish I was that funny when I have allergies/colds.  I think my letters just come out angry.

  15. LOVE this post! My son's therapist advised him to write letters when he is upset and then destroy him. He once forgot to destroy it "Dear Mom, I hate you for not letting me watch Sponge Bob. "

    I want to write a letter to Capital One. In fact, I am working on one entitled "Ode to Capital One: You Kind of Suck"

    • That is hilarious – I would hate you for not letting me watch Spongebob too! LOL
      I think I'm going to post unsent letters regularly – I form them in my head all the time. Have a good one in mind for Wells Fargo at the moment (SO glad I don't bank with them!).

  16. Love your comments about grammar! I often wonder if the majority of people chose to skip English class in high school.

  17. sandwich lady says

    Dear sandwich shop customer. HANG UP YOUR PHONE! The whole process of buying a sammie is totally interactive. First, you have to give your order. If it's hot food, you have to tell us what you want on the sandwich so we can let the cook know. If it is cold, then, after slicing the cheese and meat, you have to tell us what you want on it. Then, the cashier has to ask if you want chips, cookies or drinks. Then we have to ask what you want to drink. Then we ask if you have coupons and rewards cards and if you want your receipt. Would it kill ya to stay off your phone for 5 minutes? If you REALLY want to p*$$ us off, use the universal "one minute" pointer finger. That is guaranteed to make me turn around and make YOU wait.

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