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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

The following is a guest post.

Cars are never immortal, but the same models can last very different amounts of time when driven by different people. And if you have just spent £30,000 on your brand new Mercedes or Grand Cherokee after a whole month spent searching for cars online, you might as well want your vehicle to last as long as possible.  We have listed here our top 5 tips to maintain your car in great conditions for a long time after the initial investment.

  • Be a careful, sensible driver

Remember that sudden accelerations in the first twenty minutes of drive have a more detrimental effect on the engine than later on. You won’t need to put the engine to the test every time you’re heading to the supermarket: because of this, driving within the limits will not only boost safety and help you avoid fines, but it will also be the most immediate way to maintain a healthy engine through time. As a little trick, remember to shift to neutral at red lights: this way you’ll give both the engine and the clutch a refreshing break.

  • Remember the importance of break-in period

Not many drivers know that there is an initial period during which it is recommended to drive at lower speeds and be even more careful drivers. For the first 1000 miles after buying a new car, speed should be kept below 55 mph and acceleration should be quite light, too. By avoiding to carry heavy weights, you will also minimise chances of stressing the engine during break-in period.

  • Take the right precautions for long-term storage

You’re going away on holiday for a few weeks, or you’re going to try and use public transport instead for a little while? Don’t leave your car in the garage for more than a month without following a few preliminary measures first.

Firstly, the gas tank should be filled as to avoid condensation within it, and the car should successively be put on jack stands to take the weight off the wheels. Parking brake should always be left disengaged, while the battery should be disconnected and removed as to avoid draining.

  • Change oil regularly

Oil is a vital element in keeping a healthy engine: oil is effective in cleaning abrasive dirt and metal particles, provided it is topped up frequently. To stay on the safe side, change oil more frequently than producers suggest: the cleanliness of your engine will benefit greatly, and so will its performance and life span.

  • Be aware of the sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays have a detrimental effect on your car’s colour and brightness. Preventing the body panels from losing their initial spark is as simple as deciding to park in the shade and leaving your car in the garage during hot summer days. If no natural shade is available, car covers are affordable and easy to apply.


  1. I think I am doing pretty good with my car. I park it in the garage at work and home. Its a 2006 and only has 63,000 miles on it, so that is average: 10,500 a year. I drive the speed limit and always take it in for checks and oil changes. The worst thing I do is not put in air! I am horrible about that, but need to improve because it will help keep the cost of gas down.
    Love your site!

  2. Uff – Long-term storage is KEY!!!

    I will try to condense my story – okay so my father-in-law sold me his 2007 VW Beetle. He had the car as a fun, summer car. When my husband and I bought the car (for super, disgustingly cheap btw) the car only had 7,000 miles on it. So it was practically brand spanking new. Fast forward a little over a year and about 7,000 miles later – I started having a/c problems. I took the car to the dealership after being advised by a few local shops to do so, well the dealership was so confused as to how the heck my a/c stuff was all busted and dried up since the car was not very old and had very few miles on it. I explained how I came to own the car and they lightbulbs went off – they asked if my father-in-law had taken care of the care while he stored it 9 months out of the year. . . of course he didn't he knows nothing about cars. The a/c lines were all dried and the compressor was broken because it had to work so hard since the poor car sat in storage for most of the year for it's first 4 years of use. Long story long (heh) – if you want to keep the miles down on your car DO NOT STORE IT WITHOUT TAKING PROPER ACTIONS FIRST!!!!! Don't let the car just sit!

    My dad is a mechanic so I have always had regular service done to my cars and generally know what cautions to take to maintain my cars. This situation was a bummer because the car was outside of its warranty, even the dealership felt super bad about it since it was about $1,200 to fix.

    GREAT post! Taking these steps to care for your car will save you thousands of dollars, literally!

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