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Tips for Moving on a Rainy Day

Texas is a state known for its high temperatures and general good weather. Nevertheless, you’ve gotten lucky and it’s pouring down rain on the day you are moving from Texas to New Mexico. There’s no denying moving on a rainy day is tougher than moving in fine weather, however, you don’t have to cancel or postpone anything, especially if you’re moving interstate with Mayflower. Moving on a rainy day doesn’t have to be complex at all, and we’re going to show you how to make it as clean and easy as possible.

Safety First

You need to keep your movers and your family safe. When people are scuffling around in the rain, surfaces can become slick and slips become more common. Here are some tips below.

Cover Slippery Surfaces – Cardboard and pieces of newspaper are ideal for covering wooden floors and other slick surfaces.

Wear the Right Clothing – Sturdy boots and jackets will keep out the cold and give you the grip you need for walking around inside and outside.

Drive Slowly – It’s not a race and this is the one time you don’t want to see the van crash. Go slowly and be willing to take regular breaks if the weather becomes too bad.

Protecting Your Belongings

Your belongings are vulnerable during a rainy day. Newspaper isn’t going to help because it will fall to pieces in the rain. This is where you have to get a tad more creative.

Plastic Sheets and Wraps – These are your best friends on days like this. They stop moisture from rotting wooden furniture and droplets from causing metal hinges to rust.

Trash Bags – Not the most glamorous option in the world, but trash bags are perfect for clothing, assuming you can’t transport them in the wardrobe or dresser.

Defend the Property

You still have a duty of care to protect the property you’re leaving behind. With good organization you can make sure you don’t leave a nasty repair bill for the new owners when they move in.

Indoor and Outdoor Teams – Instead of having movers tramping mud in and out all the time, speed up the process by designating indoor and outdoor teams.

Line the Entryway – Use rugs and pieces of old carpet to line the entryway. This will catch any mud and debris before you manage to bring it inside.


If it’s still raining when you get to your new home, use these tips again but in reverse. Alternatively, try to choose a moving day where it’s unlikely to be raining, such as in the summer. It means some advance planning on your part, but avoiding the hassle completely creates far fewer headaches.


  1. I guess I got lucky. Despite living in Seattle and moving something like 12 times (to the dorm, from the dorm to my aunt and uncle’s, then to another dorm at the start of the next year, etc), I think I only moved in the rain once. Unfortunately, that was the time I was relying on a friend with a pick-up to help me move. So my stuff was slightly damp once we got it inside.

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