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Tips For Buying Electric

Electric vehicles become more popular all the time. This guide contains the most important information to help you decide if it is time to become the next EV owner.

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First Things First

First of all, you will get the satisfaction of driving a vehicle that is saving the world and represents the latest in auto technology. There is a limit to how far a person can drive in an EV without charging, but the over 50-100 mile range of most vehicles will more than cover nearly all of your driving needs. There are no downsides, because electric cars including the Ford Focus have been designed to compete with their gasoline counterparts in acceleration, handling, and comfort. Over 80% of the gas we buy gets wasted in the combustion process just as if we had set fire to 80% of the cost of gas. While electricity costs money too, all of it gets utilized to run the vehicle.

Saving Money

While electric vehicles do tend to cost a little more up front, they save you big money in the long run. Automobiles require a lot of maintenance and service, but EVs have fewer parts so they need less maintenance and repairs. While you can charge the vehicle in your existing home outlets, it is very slow. You will probably need equipment that costs between $1,000 and $2,000. The government offers plenty of incentives to take the sting out of the vehicle and equipment purchase.

Is This Car Right For You?
To determine if these factors add up to a practical decision for your life, you should consider a few things. How far do you plan to drive your car? If you don’t expect to take road trips in this vehicle, then the amount of battery charge should be more than enough. Also, check to see where charging stations exist in your area and near places you might like to visit. You may want to choose a hybrid vehicle to combine the cost and environmental benefits of electric with the reliability of gasoline engines.

If you can afford to buy any new vehicle, then you will probably be wise to choose electric. Incentives and rebates make up for the increase in initial cost, and the long term savings from gas and repairs will feel great. So, the main determining factor for you is whether your lifestyle fits the electric vehicle as it stands at this time?


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