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The Value of Knowing how to Work on your Car

There are lots of motorists out there that will panic when there is any problem with there car at all, and they will take it straight to a mechanic. This will solve the problem, but it will also cost you a great deal of money and be a real inconvenience, and you should know that a lot of the time it will be something that you can easily fix yourself. If you know how to fix certain problems with your car then it will allow you to save money, and on top of this it will also give you the personal satisfaction of knowing that you solved the problem yourself. This knowledge is great to pass down onto your kids as well, and as long as you have the tools and knowledge of how to fix the problem then you will be good to go.


One of the more common problems that you may face will be when your gas strut becomes faulty and stops the boot from opening properly and staying open, and this is also one of the easiest things to fix yourself too. A gas strut can bend or stop working properly after a while, and this can be quite frustrating if you use your boot a lot for storage, but to replace it all you need will be a flathead screwdriver along with a spare pair of hands.


How to Replace a Gas Strut

Firstly you will need to get your replacement struts, and these will be available from companies that offer engineering solutions, like SGS Engineering and others, and these suppliers should carry the right ones for your vehicle. Once you have your replacement struts you can remove the faulty ones, and you do this by sliding the screwdriver down the groove of the strut and then levering the band back until it pops out of the socket, repeat this at the other end to completely remove the strut. With your spare hands holding the boot up you are now ready to fit your replacement strut, and this can be done by simply pushing the ball socket over the ball stud until it clicks into place and then repeating this at the other end, if they do not line up then you can just rotate the cylinder until the length is right and your boot should now open, stay open and close properly.

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