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The Expense of a Mattress

The Problem

It’s not an uncommon scenario: after a hectic, long day you have finally found a pause in the to-do list long enough to slip in between the sheets and close your eyes for more than a long blink.

But the bed is sagging and it is lumpy, and you know you’ll be tossing and turning to find a comfortable spot before the alarm goes off in approximately 5.5 hours, of which then you will sit up, stretch, and feel all the sore spots and kinks your very own mattress and the mere few hours of sleep have given you.

What kind of sleep-wake cycle is that?  How is this in anyway conducive to being happy or healthy, or in any way motivating to crawl back into bed the following night?  And how will you find the motivation to carry on your to-do list at more than a minimum pace or with any kind of enthusiasm when you’re sore and exhausted from sleeping no less?  The answer is this it’s no life to live (or sleep) ever.

Prioritizing the Mattress

If sleep is essential to a long, happy, healthy life then how does one accomplish a good night’s rest?  Creating a sanctuary out of your room for one.  Maybe getting rid of the phone and tv before bed.  Keeping your room cool, dark, clean, uncluttered, and smelling good.  But maybe the most important tip of them all, investing in a quality mattress.

Other projects can seem so much more important in the moment, the roof (yes, important), the back porch (cosmetically important), the gas bill (vitally important), grocery shopping (another essential).  But no one will ever be able to mentally, emotionally, or physically take on all of the life essentials if the sleep isn’t made one of the top three priorities in life.  Remember, you most likely spend up to a third of your day laying in your bed, it deserves to be a place you feel comfortable, safe, and invited.  A place of quality and happiness.

The Mattress Options

The market is saturated with options, promises, sales pitches, discounts, gimmicks, complications.  The mattress is considered a necessity of life and thus the markup and the guarantees are never ending.   It is overwhelming and exhausting to just think about, and no doubt as soon as you step out of bed and shake off the bad night’s sleep the fact that you should probably invest in a quality mattress is quickly forgotten, especially when you’re revising your to-do list over coffee just a few minutes later.

So where do you start?  Just start looking, it’s 2017 – your resources are never ending.

In today’s world there are numerous vendors and opportunities to buy anything, including mattresses.  Doesn’t matter how big or heavy the mattress is it will show up at your door anywhere from next day to (insert an absurd time span for shipping and then processing and then the eventual delivery date).

The most important thing is to pick a vendor that makes you feel valued as a customer and one that you feel comfortable with giving your money to.  Shop around, talk to several people about their experiences, and look at online reviews, like this review of the Hyphen Mattress, they can make or break a business, and sometimes be irrational, but they will give you an overall feel of how they do business if you look at the average or general (not the extreme!) comments their previous customers have left.

But Which One?

Very little matters about a mattress except for how you personally feel when you lay down and how you feel when you wake up (aka how great do you sleep consistently?).  That being said, I think everyone can agree on most purchases – you get what you pay for.  The quality of a cheaper mattress may not be horrible, but it won’t be durable for the long haul.  Meaning you’ll be spending more money earlier on than if you had just plunked it all down to begin with.  But that is all preference.  Just know the moment a mattress starts to fail you, it’s time to start looking at fixing the problem.

However, businesses are popping up everywhere emphasising  quality over quantity and long term repeat customers over one time quick shop buyers.  This could result in lower markups, meaning more quality for less of your money – like the bigger companies promise but in the end cannot produce.

So Much Money, So Little Return

Investing in a mattress can be daunting, expensive, and a bit scary.  Spending that much money on an item with very little knowledge of how it’s going to benefit you is terrifying.  Luckily most mattress companies and storefronts promise a certain number of days guaranteed.  You can sleep on the mattress for up to several months before deciding it isn’t the one for you.  It may be a little bit of a pain starting over finding the perfect mattress just for you, but you’ll be all the wiser in the trial and error.

We all know how important our sleep is, and we all know how hard it is to come by, why not make it just that much easier on your neck, back, and peace of mind knowing you at least have one piece of the puzzle figured out, by investing in a mattress that will give you a return on the value each and every night.

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