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Summer Shortcuts to Add Up to Big Savings

Summer is a time for fun, but it can also break the wallet, whether you enjoy keeping busy and traveling, or keeping the kids occupied during the break from school.  I know when it’s warm out I’m generally happier, and probably more likely to throw a few extra dollars around.  Perfect example yesterday, throwing in a couple hundred dollars to pitch in for a solid spread of food in the backyard and fireworks to finish out the night.  Between the graduation parties, weddings, and concerts, there always seems to be something coming up to open the wallet.  With a few shortcuts, it could add up to big savings to put towards a little summer fun.

Seal Air Drafts

It can be a little more difficult to test for drafts in the summer and would be much easier in the winter just holding your hand out to feel the cold air come in, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make your home more energy efficient and save money on your utilities.  By sealing around doors and windows, you can ensure the warm is coming in.  If you have any outlets that share a wall with the outside, you can use foam insulation around the base of the outlet, and use a foam insulating pad behind the outlet cover to give a little more protection.

Let the Cool Nighttime Air In

The air conditioner will no doubt be running nonstop during the day, but you can give the A/C and your wallet a break at night by turning it off, opening the windows, and letting the cool summer breeze come in.  With temperatures in my area going in the low 60’s at night, makes for perfect sleeping, especially with the breeze coming in and the ceiling fan going, instead of racking up the electric bill.  The house only needs to be cool when you’re home, so also try and keeping temperatures low during the day if you’re away at work.

Fire Up the BBQ

Nothing beats cracking open a cold beer, turning on the barbeque, and enjoying dinner on the patio furniture.  With so many options besides the normal hotdogs and hamburgers, you can now cook pizza, vegetables, and even bring the frying pan outside to cook bacon for a Sunday morning breakfast.  If you can avoid going out to eat in the summer and enjoy eating at home, you will have significant savings off of spending.  Sure, you don’t have the conveniences of being served like you would at the restaurant, but all the food and drinks at your house makes family dinners and entertaining a fraction of the cost.

Grow Your Own Produce

If you have walked around your city’s downtown on a weekend morning you have probably noticed plenty produce for sale at a farmer’s market.  While I definitely do support local business, there is also no reason why you can’t grow your own produce and have peppers and tomatoes practically coming out of your ears for months to come.  Especially last summer with the late summer here, we continued to grow into November and had so many to get rid of that we gave away to friends and family, not to mention freezing what we could.

Avoid Watering Grass in the Heat

If your lawn is anything like mine, it started out nice and green in May, and even into June, having to cut it every week, but now that it’s in July and rain has been limited, it’s pretty burned up, but I guess the plus is that I don’t have to cut it as much.  We do need to water though, and there is no point in watering when the sun is out in full force, drying up as you water, and taking more water to have any use.  If you can water in the morning, or even better, at night after the sun goes down, you will get better coverage for a healthier lawn.

Take Advantage of Rain Water

Speaking of water, it does take water to keep your flowers and garden healthy as well, and you can without increasing the cost of the bill.  If you hook up a rain barrel to the gutter, you can collect rain water to use, instead of it running off into the sewer where it is no use for you.  This way you can fill up a watering can and keep the flowers and produce looking good throughout the summer heat and well into the fall.  You’d be surprised how quickly the barrel can fill up after a couple good rains.


  1. Oooh, I love the tip on rain water! We get torrential downpours here so I love the idea of storing rain water to save money. 🙂

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