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Stop Being a Cheapskate and Live a Frugal Lifestyle

There are plenty of ways you can free up extra money each and every month, whether it’s avoiding going out to eat and going grocery shopping instead, checking out great passive income ideas, or finding ways to reduce monthly expenses, but that is called living the frugal lifestyle, going cheap is not the right way, as it’s embarrassing for you, and those around you.  While you make think, you are acting frugal and saving money, does come off as just being plain old cheap.  I think of Uncle Frank in Home Alone, asking his wife to put the silverware in her purse, later Kevin calling him “Mr. Cheapskate”, you don’t want to be known around the household as that, so it’s time changing a few of your questionable cheap behaviors.

Learn How to Tip

I don’t care if you say you don’t believe in tipping, or think you can do their job, the standard etiquette in the service industry is 20%, more if you found excellent service, less if you felt it wasn’t up to par.  I’ve seen plenty of friends short the pool of money when you go out in a group and split the bill, only to have others throw in extra money because some won’t put in as much for the tip, or others seem to find the bathroom when it’s their turn to buy a round.  I understand if you can’t throw money around, but if you can afford to go out for dinner and drinks, you can have the means to lay down a decent tip.

At Least Pay for Streaming

Cutting the cable cord is a great way to save a couple hundred dollars a month, especially if you find these days that you are watching less and less live TV and living off your DVD.  When you do decide to flip through the channels you can’t find anything on but commercial after commercial, at which why wouldn’t you want to watch a TV show with half of it taking breaks, not to mention an hour and a half movie being stretch an extra hour or two, besides the fact of cutting out swear words.  Where you cross over to being cheap is where you still have to borrow your friend or family member’s Netflix password to get a free $10 a month streaming service, when you’re already saving with no cable bill.

Hotels Aren’t a Free for All

It’s nice to get away for the weekend, not to mention sometimes the hotel bathroom is more updated than your own home, but that doesn’t mean you need to raid the toiletries, to bring home sample size shampoo, soap, and lotions.  The next morning you wake up and see a continental breakfast offered, at which you should remember that this is not a dinner buffet, where you go up for seconds and thirds.

Spend All Day Shopping

It was maybe a little more feasible years ago where you would drive all over town, visiting store after store to find the same product with the best price before you would make the purchase.  By the time you have driven all day and had to fight crowds, in my opinion your time is worth more than saving money, you wonder if it was worth driving around all day to save a few bucks.  These days with online shopping you can visit virtually an endless amount of site looking for the same product in a matter of seconds, searching for the best deal without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Check Garbage Night

I’m all up for giving to charity, but there’s something weird about having people look through your garbage for salvageable items, when in fact I’m throwing them away, which is why I tend to wait until the morning of garbage day to bring out everything, to leave less of digging through.

Loading Up on Free Samples

It’s bad enough going shopping on a weekend, but sometimes knowing that we are going to Costco where they have plenty of free samples makes it a little more bearable to fight the crowds, only to find that you can’t even get to the samples.  Despite the breadth of Costco hours they are open, I’ve seen plenty of times where there is a line waiting for the fresh samples to come out, only to grab more than one, even bringing handful back to the family.  Now, last, I checked the free samples weren’t to substitute lunch, but to test out products that they are pushing to sell.

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