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Starting a Miniature Car Collection

There are certain parts of your childhood that bring you such joy that later on in life, you may want to try to recreate it. While you can’t throw on your old Underoos and run around your house like you used to when you were five years old, you can start a toy collection to match the toys you had when you were a child.

One of the main toys we all had as kids were miniature cars. It did not matter if we were a boy or a girl, we all had our favorite little cars that we played with. These little vehicles made out of metal gave us all enjoyment when we were toddlers. These cars were made entirely of metal, but often had details made of plastic, rubber, and even glass. These cars were great!

Collecting Miniature Cars
These cars today are available to you in a wide range of options. But if you want to match your new collection to the ones that you had as a kid, you are going to have to do some searching. Luckily, anything is available on the internet. It can be a lot of fun to shop for diecast model cars and collectable miniature car products. EBay could become your new best friend. Anything from your childhood can be available on there for a price! Collecting them is the fun part, but be sure to take good care of them once you find them. Here are just a few tips on ensuring your new collection will be just as important to your grandchildren when you pass it down to them someday.

Maintain the Cars Carefully
The most common mistake that new collectors make is that they do not realize that maintenance is necessary for their new collection of cars. All diecast cars, whether open or still in the packaging, should be kept at room temperature in a dry environment. Keeping the car in the package might increase the value, but if you want to remember it like you did when you were a kid, you probably want to take it out.

Compare Prices
The best way to stay current about the car hobby is to monitor prices and industry news. There are various car price guides and publications available, and much of the information is online for free. New collectors should research the cars that they still need and keep a list of the ones that they have already acquired. Make sure you are a smart shopper! Don’t be afraid to try negotiating a better deal.

Learn about Condition Grading
Just like with comic books and baseball cards, things we collected as kids will vary greatly in prices depending on the condition of it. While you might be buying these cars as a way of reminding yourself of your childhood, knowing the grading scale can save you a lot of money in the long run. The difference between mint and near mint can be steep. Bid on these cars accordingly. If a miniature car that you just have to have because it reminds you of the one your brother lost in a sandbox becomes available, know what is a fair price for it. Don’t let emotions drive your bidding up. And if you don’t get the car this time, if you wait long enough, there is a possibility it will always come available again.

Embrace the Community
Collectors of miniature cars are part of a world of similar minded people. Collecting cars can be a solitary experience, but it doesn’t have to be. There are communities of these collectors out there. Collectors should embrace the community because it’s a great way to learn, socialize, and get access to opportunities that aren’t available elsewhere. Connections that you are making in this world could pay off for you big time down the line.

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