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When to Spend on Wheels: The Best Time to Purchase Your Next New Vehicle

There are certain times of the year that are seen as the best moment to drive a bargain and get the best deal on your car purchase, and armed with that knowledge you should be able to get the set of wheels you want at the best possible price.

Here is a look at the best and worst times to buy a car. Including, tips on when in the month you can often get a great deal, how a new model release is a buying opportunity, and why Black Friday is a good time to head to your dealership.

Perfect timing

There are many different scenarios where demonstrating a perfect sense of timing can deliver the best results and picking the perfect moment to buy your car is one example of when good timing can make a big difference to the deal you are offered and the money you save.

You might have decided you want to find an Elantra, for example, but do you know when to time your purchasing decision in order to drive away with the best available deal?

If you are in the market for a new car, in particular, timing is definitely a relevant issue that you need to think about. There are numerous car-buying experts who all agree that you can save money when buying a new vehicle at a specific time of the month, year, or even day of the week, so here is a look at some of those options and why they could have a positive impact on your bank balance.

Sales targets in sight

Probably one of the most common buying tips is to see if you can hold out until near the end of the month and try to figure out if the car salesman is close to hitting their sales target, which means they might be prepared to offer you a discounted price so that you get the car you want at a bargain price and they make their sales target for the month.

This tactic applies to almost any month of the year and if you walk in with 24-48 hours on the clock left of the month, you might just find the sales team are keener than ever to sign you up at a good price so that they can hit their sales quota for that period.

It is worth trying this tactic to see if the car dealer is willing to budge on the price if they are close to their sales target. Gauge how keen they are to do a deal and be prepared to act swiftly in response as the deal will only be on the table for a limited period.

Out with the old

Another scenario where there are potential savings to be made is when a new vehicle model is being released, which means that dealer will have some soon-to-be outdated models that they may want to shift at a knockdown price to make room in the showroom.

If you are happy to buy a new car that is about to be replaced by a newer model you could end up picking up a perfectly good car for a lot less money than a newer model that doesn’t really offer much more in the way of new features.

Keep an eye on release dates for new models, which tends to be late summer and early fall, and be ready to seize the opportunity for bagging a bargain on what is now an older model vehicle but still perfectly acceptable if the price is right.

Black Friday applies to cars too

We are all familiar with the impact of a sales event like Black Friday which always seems to turn into a bit of a feeding frenzy at the local stores, but it can pay to avoid that stampede and head to your car dealer instead.

Car dealership’s across the country are often rolling out their own Black Friday deals so watch out for any announcements and instead of fighting a crowd at the stores, you could be picking up an equally rewarding deal on your new car.

At the end of the day

It is also worth mentioning that the time of day you walk into the dealership can make a difference to the deal you walk out of there with.

Turning up at just after 9 am in the morning is hardly likely to have them falling over themselves to negotiate the best possible deal to secure your signature, but arrive near the end of the day and you might find them more willing to cut a deal so that they can end the day on a high and sign you up quickly to get home.

Finally, it seems that Sunday is a good day for car buying according to recent studies but Friday is invariably more expensive. It’s not completely clear why this is the case, but if it saves you money on your new car it has to be another tactic worth considering.

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