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Smart Ways to Save on Health Care

The cost of living in America seems to rise daily. Although health insurance is now mandatory for all and ensures quality of care, it doesn’t mean Americans can afford the extra expense. And, if you have a family member that needs constant care, the list of doctors’ visits and prescription costs can seem endless. So you must find smart ways to save on health care expenses to make up the difference in what you’re now spending.

Choose a Plan You Need

Health care insurance companies have different plans for a reason. Some cover high-risk patients while other plans exist for those who have basic needs, such as just routine doctor visits. So be sure to go through each plan with a fine-toothed comb, starting with the least expensive plan, especially if you and your family are rather healthy. There may be a plan that covers 100% for EKG’s and CT scans. However, if you don’t currently use those services, there is no need to elect such an expensive plan, just in case it may happen. Switch your insurance plan over the next year in the instance you need this continuous care.

Choose Your Network Wisely

Be sure to select your health care network wisely and use them. You may have a current doctor you love, but they are in a different network than your favorite hospital. Out of network expenses is the health care cost that catches many patients by surprise. This goes for lab work as well. Your doctor may give you a referral to his preferred lab for tests. Check before your visit if they are in your network. If not, call your insurance carrier to see if they will cover it.

Shop Around for Medicine

Also, for the most part, you are not locked into one particular pharmacy. So be sure to check out the sales and discounts that big box stores offer, including Wal-Mart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Costco. They may be less than a few blocks away from each other and have a huge difference in price. Simply give them a call to find out. Also, they may offer a gift card for switching a new prescription over to them. Be sure to reach out to the drug manufacturer via their website or customer service center to see if they have any discounts available.

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