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The Seven Best Ways to Travel with your Friends


Whether you ready for a night on the town or in it for the long haul, traveling places with your friends can be so much fun. You don’t need to dread being cooped up in a car for hours on end or being stuck in traffic when you learn to travel in style and fun using some of my favorite modes of transportation. Not all these modes of transportation below are cheap, but as I grow older I learned that life is more about who you are with and making memories with those people. The cheaper way isn’t always the best way for you and your family and friends.

Let Loose in a Party Bus

The party bus isn’t just for bachelor parties anymore. Think of a party bus as a fun and safe way to travel with your friends. My favorite place to go on a party bus is a concert. Organizing a group of your friends to purchase tickets to a concert can get annoying, but if everyone loves the band it shouldn’t be hard to find twenty friends who want to go on a party bus! Sitting in traffic on a Friday night after a long work week trying to get to a concert can be so irritating, but if you are in a party bus full of your friends while some stranger is driving  it’s a great time! The environment you put yourself in is up to you, and getting a party bus is a total party atmosphere. You can bring your own food and drinks, and blast your own tunes on the bus’s speaker system. Traveling in a party bus with your friends is great for memories and super safe if people are drinking. Once you arrive at the concert in your party bus, you don’t have to worry about meeting your friends up inside or parking lot because everyone came with you. I suggest getting a party bus for every concert, birthday party, and night on the town with a group of twelve or more people.


A limo is not that same as a party bus, the atmosphere in a limo is much lower key and fancy than a party bus. Taking a limo Christmas shopping or downtown with girlfriends are two of my favorite things to do. It might seem crazy to take a limo Christmas shopping, but think of it as an event once a year that you and your girlfriends do together. Living in a cold snowing city is perfect for taking a limo shopping for Christmas too. You have the driver come around to the door and you can drop all your shopping bags off in the car so you don’t have to carry them around the mall all day. You can also have a long lunch with cocktails and get a good buzz so dealing with all the crazy shoppers isn’t as annoying as it usually is. A lime for a few hours might only cost each person $20-$30 which is well worth it especially if you’re going more than a half hour away or downtown for the night. A limo is classy and fun, it bring an extra flare to an ordinary night out.


If you know someone with an RV and aren’t taking full advantage of their house on wheels you’re missing out! RV’s are not only great for taking long trips with friends and family but also perfect for concert festivals and college football tailgating. Think about packing up a RV full of your tailgate essentials like beer, food, grill, and tables and bringing it to a nice parking lot party full of football fans. You won’t have to use the woods or port-a-potty to pee when you have a RV to use. When your little brother get wasted you have a safe place for him to sleep during the game inside the RV. If you take an RV to a concert festival you will be the only group of people sleeping on the humid summer nights with your air-condition on. Think about all the noise you can block out when sleeping in a RV compared to a nylon tent. Traveling in a RV is very practical and fun, if you can get some friends together to rent one for a road trip you will be in good shape all weekend, unlike the tent camper people and tailgating savages.


Carpooling may seem like a no brainer when it comes to taking a road trip, but doing it in style and with the right friends is key. I once drove on a road trip where I had to put my car on a ferry to get to the destination we were going to. I was nervous and excited but having my friends with me made it so much better. Make sure the driver never pays for gas and that the friends carpooling always pack their own essentials and some extras for the group such as water, beer, and a blanket or two. Depending on where you’re going and how far you are traveling carpooling is a must. Driving with friends also makes it easier if you run into car trouble. You can use a Pep Boys coupon and split the cost of repairs to save money. Driving to work alone can be therapeutic for me so I prefer not to carpool, but on road trips or visits to friends down south always carpool with friends, if not for the entertainment, as least for the free gas.

Can Always Fly

If you are meeting everyone from all over the country in one spot, this isn’t really an option for you, but if you are traveling with friends from the same area, then going together on the plane is a must! I love to pack mini vodka bottles for all my friends and pass them out to them in clear Ziploc bags prior to going through security. Once we are on the plane we crack the vodka open, pour them into our soda and get the party started. I always download a comedy to watch on my iPad and bring a headphone splitter so my friend I’m sitting next to can watch the movie with me. A few cocktails on the plane, gossip magazines, and girl talk are always the best start to any vacation with friends. If you’re traveling with couples make sure you stop off at the airport bar prior to board for a first vacation shot. This helps get everyone in the mood for fun in the sun and takes their mind off the baby sitter, work life, and stressors that they are leaving behind for a few days. Last minute all inclusive vacation deals are always easy to snag if you look hard enough.

Relax by Train

Traveling by train is still very popular where I live and the train can take you to a lot of fun destination. Train tickets aren’t too expensive and is much safer than driving. Reading, writing, and socializing are some of my favorite things to do on train trip with friends. People who travel on trains seem to be very social and always down for conversations. My friends and I like going to the snack cart for food and drinks and playing card game while sitting across from each other. Don’t under estimate the value of a train trip, there is not traffic, the scenery is usually really beautiful, you don’t have to stop at a rest stop to use a restroom, and its relatively comfy. Not to mention anyone has to drive!

Mega Bus

I have heard horror stories about taking the Mega Bus, but my experiences have always been very positive. I think the mega bus is a great way to travel for the Millennials. It’s very affordable, you can sit wherever you want and its safe. The bus is equipped with Wi-Fi and you can watch movies or drink some cocktails if you’re sneaky enough to bring them on the bus. Get the party started by sitting with a bunch of your friends on the mega bus while you travel to Nashville or Las Vegas. The mega bus goes all over that you could jump from bus to bus just to travel across the country without driving. You can sleep on the mega bus and you don’t have to pay tolls or stop a lot.

Whether you choose to take a party bus to a country concert, a RV to a college tailgate, or the mega bus to Chicago traveling with your friends is the most important. Life is about making great memories and doing things you will remember for a life time. No one remembers the time they drove up north alone for four hours, but everyone remembers their first road trip down to Florida for Spring break with the college buddies. Remember to always consider your options and that the cheapest option might not be the best option. I also suggest taking plans into your own hands for these road trips and traveling. The more you plan the better, that way you are in control of when you are leaving, who is coming and where you’re going.


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