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Selling Your House When You Are a Single Parent

The following is a guest post.


If you are a single parent who is struggling with the financial pressures of modern living then selling your home could be the best decision for you as, although it can be time-consuming, companies such as House Buyer Bureau are there to offer you a fair, cash price for your property,

The first thing to bear in mind when deciding whether or not to sell your home is that it is important not to become too emotionally attached. This is because, even if your home feels like more than ‘just 4 walls’ to you, you must consider whether or not it is worth the strain that the financial pressure is putting on you and your relationships.

A further point that should be remembered is that, especially in the contemporary economic climate, you will never get an outlandishly good offer for your home. Some people may be put-off of selling their property as they feel that they are not being offered a fair or high enough price; yet if you cannot afford to keep the property in the long-term, is it worth holding out for the ideal offer until you fall completely and uncontrollably into debt? When using House Buyer Bureau you are able to compare their cash offer with what you feel is appropriate and, if you decide to sell, you will be dealing with the most competitive genuine cash using organisation in the UK.

Moreover, if you are suffering financial difficulties and are looking to sell your home to appease them, you would be well advised to give thought to the time of year that you are looking to sell in. This is because statistically speaking it is harder to sell a house in the Winter months due to decreased demand, and so this makes this Summer the perfect time to get that cash quote on your property and see if the House Buyer Bureau can help ease your stresses away immediately whilst still delivering you with a competitive and advantageous price.

It is worth mentioning that exploring the traditional routes of property-sale can ultimately cost the seller due to expensive RICS Surveys, appraisals from asset management companies and other outgoings that harbour the aim of increasing the likelihood of a sale. However, when using a firm such as House Buyer Bureau all of these costs are covered – as are the usual stresses of finding an agent and footing their fee – which makes it all round an appealing alternative for a single parent or any other person looking to alleviate their financial difficulties by selling their home.

In conclusion, if you are in a financial rut but still own a property, there is hope yet! It may not be the ideal solution, but selling your home can be the difference between keeping control of your finances and losing control of your debts and in turn many other aspects of your life, so why not get your free quote from and see how you could benefit from their service today.


  1. Its just really depends on your situation. If you are going to lose money in the process plus still have to put a deposit on a new place you have to weigh your options. I agree however that if you can break even or better yet make some money it may be the way to go. Every situation is different I know here people are having the buyers pay closing costs since most of them aren’t getting the amount the want for the homes.

  2. It’s always best to consider all your options before proceeding, it might help turn your situation around, but if you’ll end up regretting your decision because you’ll feel your on the losing end, then take the time to think things over and check out other options.

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