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Save Money and Avoid Falling for Overpriced Items

You don’t have to be shopping in a high-end store in order to be paying top dollar for products you are in the market to purchase.  Sure, we can save plenty of money by buying generic brands instead, where most are of equal or good enough quality, but it’s really the items that we buy every day that can really get us as consumers to spend more than we should.  Buy saving any money on overpriced items and freeing up a little money, you can pay off debt, save for retirement, or even use towards saving up for a family vacation.

Going to the Movies

Not only does $12 a ticket to see probably what is a mediocre movie at best, if you decide to get drinks and snacks is where they really get you, which can add another $15 each just for a popcorn and soft drink, almost $20 if you get something with alcohol.  So roughly $30 to see a movie sounds pretty unappealing to me, considering my home theater set up is pretty good, with unlimited refills.  If you do decide to go, try a matinee or late weekday show for around $5 and skip the concessions.

Bottled Water

Now buying a case of water for around $5 will not exactly break the bank, but if you go through a case or two a week, relying on that being your sole water supply, is where it can start to get expensive.  Instead of grabbing a bottle every time you want a drink, keep a water travel cup around that you can keep refilling from the tap, and as good as they are now, will keep it cold for the entire day.  If the tap water bothers you, try getting a pitcher with a filter that you can keep in the fridge and refill as needed.


Stopping at the drive-thru for your favorite coffee each morning on the way to work is pretty easy, but the $15-20 a week you spend on coffee can quickly add up over the course of the month.  Throw an occasional bagel or breakfast sandwich in there and you could be looking over $100 a month just in stopping the morning.  If you buy a programmable coffee pot for around $25, your favorite brand of coffee in bulk, you can time it to be finishing brewing and ready to fill up your travel mug as you are about to walk out the door.

Gas Station Drinks

Now I lumped all of these together because, no offense to the gas stations, but whether from there, a liquor store, or even in the checkout at the grocery store, any single item drinks are going to cost you.  Not that you should drink soda or energy drinks, but at least buy in a pack at the grocery store, and have ready at your house when you need on the move.  Not to mention if you stop for drinks, you’re liable to pick up snacks, which will be overpriced as well, and not good for the waistline.

High-End Jeans

Yes, it is true that you get what you pay for, but there is a line between poor quality and paying for a name.  Sure, in shopping for jeans I may be looking for certain brands, but there’s not much of a difference between $40 Levi’s and boutique jeans for $200, other than having the name to give your ego a boost when you slide into them.  While I may have cared when I was younger, I’ll give you a hit, no one cares.  Look good, feel good, but no one cares what brand you’re wearing.

Greeting Cards, Gift Bags, Balloons

If you’ve gone to buy a greeting card from the drug store you have probably been a little surprised why you are paying $7 for a card that will probably be displayed for a day or two at the most and then tossed away, let alone buying gift bags, wrapping paper, and balloons.  If you go to the dollar store, for a few dollars you can get everything that you need, and the person receiving will not even know the difference.


Giving a nice bouquet of flowers usually brings a smile to those receiving, but if you go to a flower shop you can be paying top dollar.  That that I’m trying to push out a mom and pop store, but there is nothing wrong with buying flowers from Costco or Kroger for a fraction of the price and still turn out beautiful.


  1. Good tips. I take the coffee savings even further by mostly relying on caffeine pills. Maybe a little weird, but they cost pennies each.

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