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RIP So Over Debt

Hi guys! Welcome to the new and improved So Over Debt, AKA So Over This!

For awhile now, I’ve been frustrated by my identity as a personal finance blogger. Sure, I write about money, but there’s also a lot more to me than what I have in the bank or how much debt I have left to pay off. And while I’ve always written about other things, there was this pressure to make it relate to finance and it just got to be more than I could handle. So now I get to be over my debt AND over a lot of other things!

What This Means for You

  • The name of the blog is different, but for the most part my posts will be the same. You just might see more posts that aren’t necessarily related to money.
  • If you’re a subscriber, your subscription shouldn’t change. You’ll still get your posts like always. Edit: Feedburner is being a jerk. At some point you’ll be prompted to subscribe to the new feed, or you can do it now if you’d like. Sorry!
  • If you link to me or I’m in your blogroll, please update the URL. Pretty please! It will help tremendously.
  • If you see anything that still mentions So Over Debt, please let me know so I can get it updated.
  • If you follow me on Twitter, please follow my account @nutsandbolts. I will stop using the @sooverdebt account at the end of the week.
  • If you’re a Facebook fan, please go like the new page to get updates – Facebook forced me to make a new one and I’m very sad about it.

I’ve tried very hard to make this as un-weird as possible. Please know that I thought long and hard before making the decision to change the name of the site – after all, I’ve blogged here for 18 months and it’s my home on the internet. However, it’s time that I made things a little more comfortable. 🙂

Thanks so much to those of you who visit, read, comment, and promote. It means a lot to me and I hope I’ll still have plenty of things worth reading from this point on!


  1. Congrats on making this move Andrea! This is an interesting change!

  2. americandebtproject says

    Holy crap Andrea!! I'm almost had a heart attack and was getting ready to email you "Look at this copycat site!! Someone is obsessed with you, lock your doors!!!" Ahahahah, PHEW. Once I actually read the front page it all made sense. Good stuff, if I was near you I'd give you a bloggy housewarming gift. Love the new space :)!! I'm totally not a personal finance blogger. I just want to pay off my debt and talk about stuff unrelated to money. Oh yeah, I also wanna get rich or die tryin' (copyright 50 Cent).

  3. Thanks, Martin. I'm excited about it. And freaking out because there is SO MUCH stuff to switch over! I do not recommend this move unless people are extremely burned out like I've been.

  4. I'm not quite cool enough for that kind of stalker, thank goodness! 🙂

  5. Congrats on the new start! I totally get what you're saying about the pressure to talk about all things personal finance. I slowly got into other topics as not to burn myself out too. RIP So Over Debt and Good Luck So Over This!

    • Thanks, Buck! I was just telling someone earlier that I wish I'd had a working crystal ball 18 months ago so I could have just done this in the first place. Who knew that a little Blogger blog would evolve into this, or that a blog name could feel so restrictive? I think this will allow me to blog here for a long time to come.

  6. As time marches forward, your passions and priorities change – so what a writer writes about should also change. I admire you for having the "Nuts and Bolts" to recognize that, and roll with it. (See what I did there? ) It's what makes you so much fun to follow. 🙂

    • Thanks, Travis. Hopefully the new identity will work for a long time (because it's not like I'm going to magically get a new sense of humor anytime soon) and I won't have to do this to you guys again. 🙂

  7. I'm looking forward to hearing all you have to say about "so over this." Change can be very exciting, and I'm excited for you!! Congratulations!!!

  8. Congrats! I hope it works out well for you. Goodbye Alexa Rank 🙁

  9. I'd like to think I had something to do with you making this change! Lol. But I know you were thinking about this for a long time. Maybe I helped give you the final push. In any case, I'm THRILLED! I think this reflects what you're all about much better anyways. And I think you'll gain a lot more followers and a little more sanity – since you had so many irons in the fire! Hooray for streamlining 🙂

    • I've been pondering doing SOMETHING for quite awhile now. I bounced between selling the blog, just shutting it down, forcing myself to keep going…. It's been kind of dramatic. But I think this is the best option and hopefully I'll be able to blog here for a long time.

  10. So excited for you. Congratulations on the change!

  11. I think this is a great idea! Congrats!

  12. "There are three constants in life…change, choice and principles." ~ Stephen Covey

    Let's see if I can make the quote relevant for your situation. Here goes nothing…

    Change is difficult, but remember- you made the right choice for you. Don't let anyone hinder your progress or keep you from your mission- stick to your principles!

    Have FUN!

    • Thank you! I wanted blogging to be fun again, and trying to force myself to fit into a PF box just wasn't cutting it.

  13. gregjohnson975182420 says

    Congratulations! I'll still read! =)

    • Glad you're sticking around! I'm sure some people won't, which is okay, but I really hope most people at least hang out long enough to realize that there really isn't going to be a huge change.

  14. bogofdebt says

    I'm excited for you. I still need to go home and like your facebook page. Apparnetly it's blocked at work 🙁 boo work!

    • What's up with all these workplaces trying to make people do WORK instead of getting on Facebook? I don't get that. 😀

  15. queenlbee says

    I have thought about rebranding myself as well, but was kindof scared to since things are still so new. Thanks for being brave!

    • Honestly, if you're going to do it, I'd do it sooner rather than later. After a year and a half of blogging and building my social media accounts, it's painful to start over!

  16. Excited for your new journey with this new site/name!

  17. seedebtrun says

    Good luck to you with the new name, Andrea.. I am sure that it wasn't an easy decision to start over from a PR, MozRank, and Alexa perspective.. but I have no doubt that you are up to the challenge.

    I am pretty sure that you are the hardest working person in all of the bloggyland, so I know it will work out.

    That said, I love it when you talk about non-finance type of things. That is when your humor really shines through.


    • Well, the good thing is that my PR and mozRank will come back during the next update. Not so much for the Alexa – I'll be starting from scratch there! 🙁

  18. awesome! updating urls immediately. 🙂

  19. I love the tagline.

  20. Ahhh!! Where did you go? Just kidding. I am interested to see what other things you have to talk about. As long as you keep that biting wit, I think you will be fine.

    • I don't think things will change very much. It was just a mental thing for me – I see "debt" in the title and think, OMG I have to write about money or people will be mad! Now at least they're free to leave if they don't like it instead of feeling like I promised something I didn't deliver. 🙂

  21. Difficult decision to make, but you found another great blog name with a .com at the end. Good Luck.

    • Thanks! It was definitely a tough choice, but this has been brewing for quite awhile and it was just time to take the leap. Hopefully this will make a lot of things easier.

  22. I love the new title. Not that you rant on subjects, but "So Over This" would allow you to rant on anything you wanted 🙂

    • How nice of you to pretend that I don't rant! Hahahaha! Rants actually have their own category now, and you're exactly right – now I can go off about whatever I want. 😀

  23. Congratulations on rebranding your blog! I know you will be even more successful under the new name!

    • I sure hope so! It's kind of scary but I'm hoping it'll work out okay. If not, at least I'll be happier with it.

  24. Good luck with your rebrand!!

  25. woot!! looks awesome =)

  26. I love the idea for your new blog, Andrea! I'll read whatever you write, whatever you want to write about. Your too talented to limit yourself to a single subject anyway. Looking forward to your next posting!

  27. I freaked out there for a minute when I saw the "RIP." What a relief when I realized that you're not actually shutting down, just broadening your focus. Best of luck with the new direction–I can't wait to read more!

    • Hopefully it won't be too much of a letdown! It'll probably be a lot of the same stuff as before. Just less mental pressure to think finance 24/7.

  28. I also thought this was a copycat site when I first saw it. Like JT, I love the new tagline, although you might want to check the spelling.

  29. Whoa! This is all a bit surprise! But I'm looking forward to it! Though now I need to figure out what category to put you in on my blogoll…

  30. Not sure whether its a good move, all the best!

  31. Wahoo! I'm glad that you're evolving! Can't wait to see what new topics come up from this change. 🙂

    • Hopefully I'll have room to expand and stretch a little…. I'm surprised how much pressure there is now – I don't know whether to write PF stuff to show that it's not completely changing, or whether to write other stuff because I can now. It'll probably be all kinds of random around here for a little while!

  32. Everything Finance says

    Congrats on the New Identity Andrea. You must tell me your reasons for this move when we meet at Fincon 2012.

  33. bluecollarworkman says

    I support you, dude! Once you get that debt under control, or something like control, then there really is more to life. And so it's cool that you're expanding to talk about other stuff too. LIfe is about more than money, right? Nice move! And the cool kids will follow you here, no worries.

    • That's kind of what happened – I wanted to change my spending habits, and i did, so now I want to move on to other things! I'll still write about money, just not all the time. 🙂

  34. Long term, this should be a good move (assuming you're not going to focus on money!)

  35. as green says

    Love the new title! I'm looking forward to what the blog will bring!

  36. nellterry says

    This is crazy and nuts and gutsy and makes complete sense in a weird way. Good luck!!

  37. I've just found your blog, so this isn't strange to me at all, but it is cool because I can imagine doing a pivot like this of my own at some point with my own blogging… Adding you to RSS and looking forward to reading!

  38. Interesting move.

    I actually like the title of "So Over This". this is a good line to express a change!

  39. Anita Kusler says

    Dear Andrea, I’m so new to blogging and being a follower of a blog, that I don’t even know how it works ! And, what I have to do on my end to be able to see your blog?
    I have to say that with the unfortunate loss of my beloved husband of 29 wonderful years this past year, I am now forced to become financially independent and along with that more wise for the better, and just smart about my finances and my personal financial situation, which I seem to have been terrible with pretty much my whole adult life! It frankly scares the living daylights outta’ me! Because, I am 60 years old now!!!! Yes! And now, without a loving husband sitting at home for me, often finding himself unfortunately….ready to bail me out of any and all financial difficulties I’ve ever had in the past! It’s pretty pathetic!
    As of lately, I’ve been seriously thinking about switching my personal banking to PNC from another Michigan banking facility in which I will not name but have had nothing but problems with since joining it, and I saw your video on the PNC website talking about their “virtual wallet” & how much it helped you and I just felt like I had to reach out & tell you how moved to (almost) tears when I was listening to you talk about how bad you USE TO BE with your shopping & spending money and all the overdraft charges, and so on, because that is ME, now! And, always has been! I’m absolutely just terrible with money BUT, I want to become better!
    Your video has given me hope and it made me want to search you and your blog, out! And, I also wanted to tell you firsthand what seeing your video and hearing about your transformation, has done for me! I really need to get my own debt and spending under control, like n-o-w!! So, any information that I may get from you and your blog will be a much, positive welcome into my life! I want to thank you!!!! Anita

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