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Reliable Broadband is a Necessity for an Online Business

So you want to set up a blog? well, one of the key things to keep in mind when setting up your first blog is finding a reliable and consistent hosting for your blog. There are many hosting sites so make sure and shop around.

  • The first thing to understand when picking your hosting site is what exactly you need from your hosting site. If you are completely new to hosting content online you are better of starting small. A small shared hosting account will probably be best. Small shared hosting accounts tend to be cheap and easy to maintain. These type of hosting accounts are suitable for most blogs and you can always upgrade later as your site grows. These hosting accounts range in price from two dollars all the way up to five dollars a month. This type of web hosting is surprisingly powerful for its price.
  • Reliability is also something worth looking into. Your blog should be up and running 24/7 to provide its readers with the best content experience possible. Read up about potential web hosts and ensure that others are not having issues with the web host constantly having downtime. You can also track this with a web host server monitor tool. These tend to be available as part of free trials.
  • However if you believe your site will grow massively within the next two or three years then you will probably need to pick up a web host with room to grow. The ability to upgrade your web host (from shared hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server) or even a dedicated server.)
  • A small detail is your web name. If you can try and buy up a few common ways your blog might be misspelt and have these domains redirect to your site. This will increase traffic to your site
  • Keep an eye out on the price of renewing your contract especially with shared hosting. Often the price to renew your contract will be much higher when you go to renew it. If you wish to avoid this you can jump from host to host. In general, around 10 dollars a month is acceptable
  • If you are just starting your blog you can ignore disk space and data transfer capacity. In general, most web hosting services will provide these services “unlimited”
  • If you have a store as part of your blog make sure that your web hosting service includes SSL certification and dedicated IP as part of the package. All of these things are key to hosting a store online and help boost consumer confidence in your store
  • Check out what host panel your web hosting service is using and make sure that it is easy for you to use. There are a couple of different panels (mainly CPanel and vDeck) both are fairly easy to use but it is possible your hosting company may be using a third party one so ensure that you are happy with whatever panel software they are using.
  • Take note of your account limit hosting companies are very trigger happy in pulling their services if you go over your CPU limit. Read through the Terms of Service and make sure to keep an eye on how much CPU power you site is using. Once again companies are more than happy to pull their service and even “Unlimited hosting” tends to have some sort of upper limit. Some companies are more generous than others with how much CPU power they will allow you use and some will even allow for a little over what is stipulated but not all companies are that charitable.
  • Having a site backup is a nice bonus to the reliability of your web host and while not essential may come in handy if something ever goes wrong with your site.

In conclusion, there are many things to keep in mind when finding a broadband provider to host your blog. However, if you follow the tips above you should have no issue finding a great service provider for you and your blog.

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