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Quality over Quantity – Applying the Trade off to Everyday Life

Picking Quality Over Quantity | Life Hacks | Lifestyle Tips

You’re standing in the grocery store aisle looking at the selection of paper towels and you can’t quite wrap your mind around how some are more than twice as expensive as the cheapest brand. Is there even a difference?

If you have ever had a spill or a kitchen emergency, you might have experienced the answer first-hand. Namely, you’ll find that for the same sized “puddle,” you might end up having to throw in half the roll of the cheap stuff while two sheets of the better quality paper towel will suffice. In the end, which one is better value for your money?

Though this example might have been a basic one, there are plenty of similar “real-life” scenarios in which seemingly “expensive” items end up being a better buy than skimping and using cheaper alternatives.

  1. Food

In most households, a fair portion of the weekly or monthly budget is dedicated to food. Though each person’s or family’s lifestyle will dictate how big it is or how it is spent, it’s often a category in which we think that we can cut costs. However, instead of sacrificing “expensive” items like high quality protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and trading them in for cheaper high-sodium frozen meals, we should take a second look at the equation. Your food choices dictate more than just how much the bill will be at the grocery store. It also influences how much time you spend at the doctor’s office, how hard you work at the gym, and how much money you are spending for supplementary weight-loss initiatives.

  1. Personal Cosmetics

When you purchase high quality cosmetics, whether it’s aftershave and a moisturizer for men, or a cleanser and foundation for women, you might initially feel bad about spending that much money on these basic essentials which a drug-store brand can easily substitute. However, though there are a few exceptions, in most cases the value that you get out of the higher quality (and more expensive) item will actually surpass that of the cheaper alternative. Because of the higher price point, the luxury cosmetic companies can afford to invest in more research, better ingredients, and safer practices than their drugstore competitors, creating products that aren’t just higher quality, but are more potent and do a better job, meaning that a little goes a long way. Many people have found that they end up going through a bottle of drugstore foundation or cleanser much quicker than they do one from a higher end brand, simply because they need to apply more to achieve a similar effect. The same goes for scents, hair products, beard elixirs, and more.

  1. Clothing

Though certain brands mark up their prices to reflect their brand name, others are more expensive because they are better quality and made of materials which will likely last longer than the average item. This is especially true with shoes, coats, and many items which make up business apparel like belts, suits, dress shirts and more. Someone looking to have a minimalist wardrobe made of high quality items is likely to overall spend less money than someone who will buy anything that is on sale and stuff their closets full of outfits “at a bargain” that will quickly go out of style or wear out after a few washes. Therefore, before you go shopping, educate yourself on classic cuts, high quality blends, in addition to where and how brands make their clothing.

Investing in good quality food, cosmetics, and clothing are just a few of the many areas of life in which it pays off to pay more. However, as to everything, there are exceptions, and sometimes you’ll find that the discount shaving cream gives you a closer shave than the luxury brand or that a pair of no name tennis shoes are nowhere near falling apart even after all these years. In general, you’ll find that your time and money is better spent when investing in quality life essentials rather than cheaper but less effective alternatives.

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