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Profitable Businesses with Remote Team Members

Profitable Business with Remote Team Members | Work from Home | Remote Jobs

The landscape of business is changing. Just as there seems to be a push for locally-made fares and neighboring services, there is simultaneously a movement towards globalized business. This means that you can almost as easily be serviced by an expert in Japan as you are by a local professional, all at competitive prices.

The internet and the significantly lower cost of telecommunications and data connection has enabled us to move “closer” to our fellow global citizens without actually having to leave the house. More and more businesses are taking advantage of the skilled workforce they now have available to them, without geographical limits. There are certain industries that are more suited for this kind of work, primarily ones that can be done freelance, but could benefit from a well branded name and steadier, more regular work.

  1. IT

It’s become the norm that the IT department, especially the software division, works in a separate building, city, or even country than the rest of the company. With advancements in technology and wireless connections, you can easily be in a network and make updates or changes to a computer without ever physically touching it. If you have a team of remote workers, even scattered all over the world, you can get contracts from companies looking to outsource their IT departments. Having a couple of people on the ground to address physical concerns is always a good bet, but otherwise stay committed to software and security in which there is a lot of work. A widespread team gives you different skills and strengths while also being able to offer a wider range of hours if you differ in time zones. That’s something that an international company may be looking for.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a number of services, from search marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, to website design and upkeep. To offer a one-stop shop, you’re going to have to assemble an agency of skilled people that are fluent in all things digital, writing, graphic design, programming, client relations, and have an aptitude for marketing and advertising. A good agency also offers monitoring services, responding to comments and queries on social media pages. Having a world-wide network allows you to offer around the clock monitoring services, something that a customer-oriented company would truly appreciate.

  1. Customer Service

Excellent customer service is something that more and more companies are deciding to make an investment in. Consumers have learned to value exceptional service to the point where now it is expected. Start a company that specializes in customer service for client companies. Answer emails, answer phone calls, track inventory, and more. It will require some close cooperation with your clients, however it is a valuable service and outsourcing tasks like this will only become more popular with growing globalization.

  1. Translation Services

Though you might think that tools like Google Translate make professional translation services obsolete, it’s actually the opposite. With the rise of the internet, more companies are deciding to go international, meaning that they need to speak to their audience in their language. It’s difficult to find people that are perfectly bi or trilingual, especially when it comes to specialized language. There are companies that are on the lookout for a translation firm that offers custom solutions in the technical, financial and medical field. Your professionals don’t have to be local, and maybe your international pool of applicants might even bring you better (and cheaper) candidates than opening up the positions locally.

Starting an international business with remote workers comes with its share of challenges. However, the benefits are great and the opportunities even better when you decide to grow an international team of qualified professionals to offer top-notch services from anywhere in the world.

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