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October 2017 – Blog Net Income Report

Welcome back to another monthly income report on So Over This! This is my usual foray into my revenue and net earnings that I illustrate and publish for you all of you voyeurs each month. The best earnings are the kind that you make from the comfort of your own home! If you  want to replicate the earnings you see, or some form of them, check out my quick and easy tutorial on how to start a blog yourself.

I would like to layout that I am contemplating ending these income reports after the end of this year. That would mean three more reports to go after this one. I truly have no issues with privacy and disclosing my online earnings, in fact, I think it has helped me gain credibility and relevancy within the blogging and digital media community. I have actually gained some additional customers through conversations that stemmed from disclosing these monthly earnings. However, I do worry about safety and privacy, and publicly disclosing these kinda earnings opens me up to a lot of attention from spammers, hackers, and other people up to no good. I have seen some of that come through this year as it is. Anyways, my mind isn’t made up just yet, but be prepared for the possible discontinuation of specific monetary earnings at some point.

Without further ado, below is my summary of October earnings



October was a solid month, earnings came in just above $80,000!

With net earnings at just over $80,000 I’m not complaining. Granted my earnings are lower than last month, but considering that was a record breaking month it is understandable. I expect the next two months of earnings to be in line with October, finishing out the year dangerously close to the 7-figure mark!

Now on to my expectations, goals updates, and what’s to come over the next several months:

Acquire more websites and assure they are higher: So I just recently purchased a really inexpensive site purely for a strategic play and that happened to come across my desk. It ranked for some vital keywords that some of my other higher quality sites already ranked for but could use a boost…it was purely coincidence and made sense just to give it a test run.

Increase my customer base: I’ve been in contact with a few of my more loyal customers to see what it will take to earn a majority of their blogger outreach business. I have some high order volumes this year, but I’m trying to work on sustaining it past this year and that involves some customer outreach to see what their current and future needs are. Right now I’m talks over some very high volume business with one very important company and hoping that I can gain some traction in this area.

Work towards becoming a full-fledged digital marketing agency: I continue to hope that I will move the needle in this area, but just haven’t as of yet. I will disclose one strategic move I’m considering, and that is acquiring (buying) a content creation agency. This is an extremely vital and strategic part of a full digital marketing agency that I already could benefit from. I have a lot of customers that need help with creating content and right now I’m using a business partner and some freelancers to fulfill these needs. I’d like to add this service to my company immediately and have been thinking that buying a tried and true company will be easier than starting from scratch.

Remember… it all started with one website…my entire business began with just starting a single personal finance blog! Now it appears I will have net earnings over $1,000,000 this year! I’m not a coder, I don’t understand anything that a website plug-in can’t do for me. I’m a technical idiot. My expertise and strength has been in my persistence to simply grow a business online and not to get discouraged and stop. It took me nearly a year until I earned a dime from my online endeavors, and now I’m on track to earning 7-figures annually.

My ultimate goal isn’t to retire, but rather, be financially independent. I work a day job currently, but the important part is that I don’t have to. I do it because it’s a challenge, I like the people, and I choose to do it. Eventually I might choose to do something else, and I am fortunate enough that I should be able to pursue whatever that is when the time comes.

Think of something you are passionate about and create a blog and put some effort into it! You don’t necessarily have to be the best at it…it only require passion and patience, and the money will eventually follow. Just go to my Easy 4 Step Tutorial on How to Create Your Own Website and get started. The sooner you start the sooner you can carve your path to financial independence!


  1. I could only imagine what you were going through when you weren’t making any money online. Now your at close to $1 million dollars from starting with one site. The crazy thing is its not common for people to skyrocket their income after struggling through the beginning phase.
    Thanks for the read!

  2. Hi just found your site. Just curious what the size of your website portfolio currently is? This will help me as I begin my journey and set realistic goals. I was also wondering if you could share how many hours per week you spend on all your sites, and how do you have tips on how to keep them all organized, such as social media accounts, email, etc. Thanks and congratulations on a solid month

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