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Why Neglecting to Keep Your Expensive Possessions Protected is Financially Irresponsible

Too many people purchase large ticket items without any worry about how to protect them. From smartphones to cars, expensive possessions need protection now more than ever. It is financially irresponsible to skip insurance plans, protective gear, and security measures on your most prized belongings. Doing so could result in hundreds of dollars or more lost, all due to carelessness.

Devices Break Easily

Smartphones nowadays cost hundreds of dollars. You could be looking at spending over $700 for the iPhone 7 Plus and more like $800 when the iPhone 8 Plus comes out. If you skip the insurance protection plan or fail to put a case and screen protector on the phone, your money could easily be wasted when it breaks. You would have to shell out another chunk of cash to get a replacement. Purchase iPhone 8 Plus Screen Protectors and cases as soon as the phone is bought so you know it will remain safe in your care.

People are Thieves

Countless items get stolen everyday, whether it’s your television set and stereo from your home, your phone right out of your pocket, your wallet from your purse, or the car from your garage. Thieves are everywhere and you need to take caution against them. You worked hard to get the belongings you have, so prove they are worth it to you by purchasing protection plans and insurance and using security measures to ward off any potential thieves.

If you’re out and about, keep your items close to you and never leave a purse or wallet open and unattended. Set up a home security system. Keep your phone password protected and even use the advanced fingerprint for enhanced measures. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 3.7 million burglaries happen each year, with those numbers growing.

Cars Require Regular Maintenance to Stay Running

Phones and similar devices are not the only things you have to worry about. Your vehicle costs even more money than these items. Do your best to protect it by keeping up with your insurance plan and ensuring the regular maintenance is performed. Cars break down easily if they do not have the gas, oil, and other components they need to run efficiently. Get regular tune-ups and take the vehicle for an oil change every 3,000 miles or three months to see what the professionals say about how it runs.

There are plenty of things to consider when buying a car. Spending the initial amount of money on the purchase isn’t the only cost you have to worry about. If you don’t have insurance and the vehicle gets broken into, you won’t have coverage to handle the damage. That will take money out of your pocket to get it paid. Any car repairs that come along are also your responsibility. Budgeting for these circumstances is another way to take financial responsibility and ensure your possession stays in good condition so it remains worth it.

Don’t be financially irresponsible and forgo the protective plans and security measures for your phone, laptop, or even vehicle. Too many things can go wrong in the world with any of the expensive possessions you have. Whether they break, get broken into it, or get stolen, you could be out a lot of money if you don’t do your best to keep your items secure. Don’t neglect your belongings, and instead do everything in your power to keep them protected at all costs. 

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