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Why Neglecting Car Maintenance is a Waste of Money

If cars mean so much to car owners, why is it that most of them wait until the last minute to have them serviced? Like most devices, a car, over time, will require some TLC to continue to operate as efficiently as the day it was bought. All vehicles come with manuals that provide suggestions on when various maintenance tasks need to be performed. Though you may believe you can put off things like tire rotations, oil changes, and changing the filters, doing so could result in lasting damage.

Risks of Not Servicing Your Car

Experts like the ones at Integrity First Auto Repair Utah understand that you need your car. They also understand the importance of keeping drivers safe while on the road. While you may think that your mechanic is just trying to earn an extra buck by warning you of upcoming maintenance jobs, the truth is, they’re trying to save you the headache and a lot of money down the line. Some of the risks to ignoring the need for service include:

  • Sludge Buildup – Old oil and dirt build up to create a gel-like substance on the engine. When this happens, the oil is no longer able to flow throughout the vehicle and your engine becomes polluted.
  • Safety Risks – One of the biggest risks of not taking care of your car is safety. Mechanical failure on the road could be detrimental and even life-threatening. When the braking, steering, and suspension are not properly maintained, the car is literally an accident waiting to happen. No matter how skilled you believe you are behind the wheel, when you don’t have the proper ability to brake and steer a car correctly, it can easily result in an accident.
  • The Need for More Repairs – Though car repairs will be necessary after a while, they can happen sooner if you’re not keeping up with the maintenance. For instance, neglecting to have the air filters replaced on the car can result in the need for new spark plugs when ordinarily you’d only have to replace the spark plugs after 80,000 miles or so.
  • Damage to the Vehicle – Small problems can quickly become bigger ones when you’re driving around in a car that is already damaged or inefficient. Over time, it can make the existing problems worse while also creating new problems that need to be repaired. For instance, failing to have the transmission flushed could lead to sludge getting into the transmission which could lead to transmission slipping, difficulty shifting, and even the need to repair or replace the transmission altogether.
  • Poor Fuel Efficiency – As if costly repairs, risks of accidents, and frequent trips to the mechanic weren’t enough, a car that is not well maintained will also cost more to fuel. When a car is not regularly serviced, it will require more fuel to work the same, therefore burning gas quicker. As we all know, the cost of gas isn’t cheap.
  • Voided Warranty – Warranties provide a level of protection for newer cars. If your car is under warranty contract, you are typically required to keep it maintained to keep coverage. Therefore, not keeping up with regular service could result in a voided warranty.
  • Inconvenience – You might think that sitting at the repair shop for an oil change or tire rotation might be an inconvenience, but when you consider what could happen if you don’t, you might reconsider. A car that breaks down on the side of the road leaves you waiting for a tow truck, costly repairs, and without a car for however long it takes to repair yours. Talk about an inconvenience.

Sure, everyone has something else they’d rather be doing than sitting in a service shop waiting for their car to be ready. They also probably have something better they’d like to do with the money. However, when you neglect to properly maintain your car, the consequences are a lot worse. Unless you want to end up in an accident, sitting on the side of the road, shelling out thousands of dollars, or having to buy a new car before you’re ready, it’s probably a good idea to contact your local mechanic to schedule a maintenance appointment.


  1. Maintenance is preventing big, horrible future costs! In many ways, you can think of maintenance as insurance against large bills in the first place. I also take car of our car’s appearance, regularly shampooing, washing, and vacuuming it to keep it looking good. Hopefully our children will be able to drive the ol’ Corolla. 🙂

  2. The same people who want mileage numbers for trucks DON’T want murder statistics for illegal immigrants.

  3. The gas price is rising up gradually. In other words, it is trammeling the budget of the individual. That is why no one wants to spend more money recklessly on other car disbursements. But I feel sorry to say that many vehicle owners do something like that i.e either they are paying out more money than actually needed on car aftercare or they are holding off their vehicle maintenance schedule that will drain the wallet in future. I just want to say that one can not control the cost of petrol or gasoline, but he can pay enough attention to his vehicle maintenance schedule, by which he can save his wallet from wasting money on other automotive bills.

  4. Rosa Paula says

    As a car owner it is our duty & responsibility to do regular maintenance of our car.
    We should never skip any of the car service. If we neglect in repairing work, small
    problems might become big issues which will be more difficult to repair and the repair cost will be more. So we must repair damaged parts in time. For example If we don’t perform the transmission flush in time, then sludge will get deposited on transmission and we have to repair or replace the transmission completely. This will cost more. To perform regular maintenance of your Audi car you need a trusted & certified car servicing center & for this you may refer to:

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