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Mother’s Day Brunch with the Help of a Dollar Store


I love to plan a great party and most of my friends think I’m really good at it too.  From the decorations, invitations, and food to the best cocktails in town, party planning is definitely my thing.  I have been planning parties for my friends and family for about seven years and I have gotten really good at doing the parties on a budget while keeping them bright and fun.  One of my biggest secrets to planning a party with a small budget is shopping at a Dollar Store.  So many items at the dollar store can be re-used and others you can just toss in the trash because you didn’t spend fortune on them.  It’s a great place to start once you have a theme and idea for the party at hand.  Since spring is upon us, here are my top five tips to planning your Mothers Day’s brunch or BBQ with the help of a Dollar Store.

Finding Beautiful Spring Décor is Essential for a Mother’s Day Brunch at your Home.

Start by checking out the crafting isle in the store.  Glass vases in different shapes and sizes are perfect for creating an eclectic center pieces for your patio table or dining room.  Most Dollar Stores have artificial flowers, purchase only white flowers and cut the plastic stems very short so the flower is the only part of the plant sticking out of the vase.  Creating a low or short center pieces in clear glass vases allows for people to talk to each other across the table and keep the party going.  Don’t worry that the flowers aren’t real, places like Home Goods, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Pure One Imports sell tons of fake flower vases that cost anywhere from $16 to $40 for the same thing you can make for $6. Remember to add water to the bottom half of the vases or add some pebbles to add some texture. Creating centerpieces for you party at the dollar store will be affordable and add so much to your Mother’s Day brunch décor.

Buy your Spring Table and Place Settings in Bright Pastel Colors from the Dollar Store

You can spend very little money to dress up a table setting, and I suggest getting light blue, yellow, and green charger plates from the dollar store to start with.  Add colorful plastic wine glasses and water tumblers in the same color pallet to your table place settings.  The colorful place settings don’t all have to match, they can be multiple colors and the glasses can be purchased in all different shapes and sizes. The Dollar Store has a variety of different options to create the most unique place settings for your Mother’s Day table.  The white flower centerpieces will add the perfect amount of simplicity and style to go along with your vibrant plates, glasses, and bowls.  Don’t forget to pick up a plastic table cloth or two in the party favor aisle.  Use these to cover old card tables, kid’s tables, and serving buffets.  Having all the tables look uniform shows your guest you took the time to care about the little things.  Beautiful tables and décor make your party much more elegant and will show off nicely in photos.  If you’re feeling like you need to add more to your doorways or front porch, look for paper lanterns to string from the walk way entrance or hang them behind your buffet table.  You can also spice up your kitchen décor with seasonal towels, pot holders, spoons, and cake plates at the Dollar Store.

Use Throw Away Roasting Pans, Chafing Dishes, and Serving Platters when Cooking and Preparing your Meals

These products are widely available at the Dollar Store and should be used when cooking for a larger crowd.  If you’re planning to BBQ chicken and ribs, use the large foil pans to marinate, then use news ones to store the large portions of food after they are taken off the grill.  You can then set up the chafing dishes on a decorated buffet table.  The Dollar store makes cleanup and serving a breeze.  They sell themed serving platters as well, so look for some in the shape of a flower, heart, or butterfly to display your vegetables and dip or brownie bites.  Give these season plastic serving platers to your mom or sister when they leave the party with leftovers, it is a nice gesture and you’re only losing out on one dollar.  Purchase plastic storage containers for leftover as well, you don’t need to ask for them back and you know your food will travel safely and stay fresh for your guest after they leave.  The best part about purchasing your cooking and serving pieces from the Dollar Store is the cleanup.  You can just toss the used chafing dishing into the trash or recycle bin when you’re done.  My favorite part of the party cleanup process is wrapping up the plastic table cloth and throwing all the messes, spills and paper plates on it into the trash at one time.  It makes the party feel like it was simple to pull off and easy to clean up.

Party Favors are Important at a Mother’s Day Brunch, not only for your Mom, but Sisters, Grandma and any other Women in your Life too

You want to give them a gift to let them know you appreciate them and all they do for you and their families.  Think about putting together a gift basket for each of them.  You can purchase great fabric or plastic basket from the Dollar Store to get started.  Personalize each gift basket to each person’s characteristic.  You can start by filling each basket with their favorite candy and salty snack available in the food isle.  Then find a great scented candle or reed diffuser that fits their personal taste.  For one dollar purchase a clear wine glass and write each person’s name on it with a paint maker, this adds a personal touch to each basket.  Finish off each basket with a manicure and pedicure set, get nail files, polish and remover then add lotions, body wash and a loofa for a nice touch on the spa theme.  Don’t forget to wrap each basket in clear bag and tie with purple or pink bow.

Invitations, Gifts and Greeting Cards are Wonderful Products to Purchase at the Dollar Store

Once you have plan in your head as to who you’re going to put together your Mother’s Day brunch, you need to invite everyone.  Even though you have probably spoken to your mom on the phone about coming over for brunch or a BBQ, it would be nice to send her and the other family member’s a formal invite to your planned brunch.  Send an invite in the mail shows that you are taking control of the party and that guest aren’t expected to bring anything unless specified.  You can buy great invitations at the Dollar Store and personalize each one.  If you are buying expensive gifts, buy the wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon and bows at the Dollar Store.  You can wrap a gift so beautifully with all the materials the dollar store has to offer.  With gifts you need a card, and the Dollar Store has hundreds of cards to offer.  If you’re in the mood to get crafty you can create your own personalized card with materials in the craft and kids section.  Pick up construction paper, glitter, makers, glue, and scissors all to create unique one of a kind cards dedicated to mom and all that she does for you.

As you can see the dollar store is full of ideas for throwing a great Mother’s Day brunch or BBQ.  Let your imagination run wild with all the unique and fun items this place has to offer.  Don’t be shy about getting creative and doing things out of the norm, these tips are here to help you break out of the old boring white plates, casserole, and Easter Lilly Mother’s Day Luncheon of the past and help you innovate something new for the future.  Traditions are great but giving them a new spin or fresh take is important.  As an adult taking care of my mom is one of the most important things in life.  I love my mom more than anyone and I love to make her happy.  Showing her that I care is important to me, so inviting her to my house where she doesn’t have to cook or clean, decorating the patio specifically for this occasion, putting together personalize gift basket and sending her home with a spring severing platter full of homemade cookies is what I think she really wants this coming Mother’s Day.  Forget the stuffy country club luncheons and boring department store necklace, this year do something different and new for Mom without breaking the bank and showing that you truly care.

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