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May 2017 – Blog Net Income Report

Another month in the books for 2017, and a good month it was. Business has been good this year, and while I continue to repeat that it won’t always remain at these levels it has allowed me to invest more into buying higher quality sites. Also, it has allowed me to significantly increase my net worth as well.

While my earnings are below last month, I certainly can’t complain with the May results, and my expectations for the rest of the year. Below you can see a snapshot of my monthly income breakdown:

At just over $84,000 I am showing a month over month decline of 14% versus last month. The bright side of this, other than making $84k in a single month, is that I increased the income from my own personal sites. This is income I control far more than the advertising services I provide to other bloggers websites. Meaning, it’s less labor intensive, higher margins, and with the amount of investment I have been spending on sites this year I would hope to start seeing a steady increase at this point in the year.

I will continue to hold myself accountable and lay out my goals for the year, but not hold myself to goals without revising them if I feel it is warranted.

  1. Acquire more websites and assure they are higher quality: I am focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to acquiring more websites. I have had a barrage of offers from people asking if I want to purchase their sites and I have been far more hesitant than in the past. Owning more sites requires an investment of my time as well, which seems to be running thin these days. I still want to buy up more sites, but going forward I want  sites that are increasingly of higher quality. This will require more significant capital investments and riskier purchases, but after this many years in the business I might as well throw all my cards on the table
  2. Increase my customer base: My focus this year has been on providing the highest quality customer service. I over deliver on my promises to the customer. Regardless, the only way to organically grow my business is to continue to reach out to new customers as often as possible. I utilize Facebook and LinkedIn daily in order to maximum my outreach.
  3. Works towards becoming a full-fledged digital marketing agency: This is going to prove to be the most elusive and difficult goal to achieve. Quite frankly, it’s the only goal I have that I haven’t done before. I’m not sure how I am going to achieve it fully just yet, but I am taking the necessary steps to getting there. I am testing out some SEO contractors as an experiment on some sites I own, seeing who can gain the best traction for the money. I’ve also taken steps to commit to a tech person as a contractor for all of my sites. I used to pay her on an as-needed basis, but since I’m needing her services more often than not it just makes sense to put her on the payroll going forward. The biggest step will be having an SEO manager, content creation team, and some social media experts. How do I go about balancing the hiring and outlay of cash until I have paying customers to utilize that aspect of the business?

Remember… it all started with one website…my entire business began with just starting a single personal finance blog! Now I bring in revenue over $1,000,000 annually, and my net earnings won’t be far behind that. I’m not a coder, I don’t understand anything that a website plug-in can’t do for me. I’m a technical idiot. My expertise and strength has been in my persistence to simply grow a business online and not to get discouraged and stop. It took a me nearly a year until I earned a dime from my blogging, and now I’m close to earning 7-figures annually.

My ultimate goal isn’t to retire, but rather, be financially independent. I work a day job currently, but the important part is that I don’t have to. I do it because it’s a challenge, I like the people, and I choose to do it. Eventually I might choose to do something else, and I am fortunate enough that I should be able to pursue whatever that is when the time comes.

Think of something you are passionate about and create a blog and put some effort into it! You don’t necessarily have to be the best at it…it only require passion and patience, and the money will eventually follow. Just go to my Easy 4 Step Tutorial on How to Create Your Own Website and get started. The sooner you start the sooner you can carve your path to financial independence!


  1. Wow congrats on a successful month of income! I just started blogging two months ago, so seeing how well you’re doing with your blog is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

    • Keep it up, im quite a few years in, but started seeing traction after 6 months…just hold on for 4 more months and you will be glad you did. It’s life changing.

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