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Link Love: Utter Exhaustion Edition

Moxie feels my pain

Moxie feels my pain

It has been absolutely forever since I did a link love post. Why? Because I do well to write my own blog posts lately, much less read and remember others. Pathetic but true. Still, this month has been kicking my butt so I’d much rather point you guys toward something worth reading for a change.

Remember awhile back when I talked about finding better work/life balance in 2013? Yeah, so far that’s not happening. No matter how hard I try to spread out my schedule, things always come up and I find myself saying, “Sure, I can do that this week!” Then I’m freaking out because I don’t have time to sleep. And then I’m tired and burned out and I have a week where my clients hate everything I do (which happened last week).

Anyway, I spent the weekend at my sister’s to celebrate my niece’s 2nd birthday. I love visiting my niece and nephew, and I try to go see them as often as possible since they live far away – I’m always scared they’re going to grow up not knowing who I am. But this weekend wasn’t fun at all because I had to spend it working, and I got all stressed out about how much I have to do when I get back home. I have got to find a better way to do this.

So yeah, I’m incredibly whiny today and no one wants to read that crap. So here are some fantastic blog posts you should read instead:

Daisy from When Life Gives You Lemons wrote about the ways different generations perceive job hopping. As someone who has definitely had my share of jobs, I found the post (and the lengthy discussion in the comments) really interesting.

Evan from My Journey to Millions advises us to stop lying to ourselves about what we spend. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I did that for years. It was so much easier to base my decisions on what I thought I *should* spend instead of the actual dollar amounts that came out of my bank account. So stupid!

Alexa from Single Moms Income discussed savings goals for single moms. I felt kind of bitchslapped by her assertion that single parents should have enough emergency savings to cover a year of expenses – I totally agree with her, but my savings is nowhere near that high! So now I feel like crap and I’m motivated to get my act together. Great post!

Kim from Eyes on the Dollar gave me another much needed kick in the pants with her post about turning negatives into positives. I’ve managed to do that several times in my life, but never before I whine and complain about the situation for awhile. (Like I’m doing now! It’s a SIGN.)

Kristina from My Diary Entry has partnered with Canvas Pop to give away a 16×20 canvas print! I got to review a similar product last year (or was it in 2011?) and I absolutely love mine. You basically choose any photo you want and they blow it up into an awesome canvas to hang on your wall. Go enter – the contest ends February 1!

There were many more cool posts in my reader this week, but the bags under my eyes are telling me it’s time to get some rest before the busy week ahead of me. Happy MLK Day and I hope you all have a great week!


  1. I wondered what the hell happened to you! I am back from vacation and you just disappeared. You need to stop overwhelming yourself so much. Ask Moxie! She'll say the same.

  2. Thank you for the mention!

  3. I don't have a year worth of savings yet either. I think single parents need it seeing as they don't have a spouse to rely on, but savings takes time. We will both get there eventually 🙂

  4. Any time you need a good kick in the pants, let me know. BTW, it's perfectly fine to whine and moan while turning your negative into a positive.

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