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Link Love: Back to School Edition

You know how long it’s been since I did a link love post? FOREVER!

I’m exhausted after a traumatic week, so instead of making you read my pathetic whining, I thought I’d send you to read some awesome posts from awesome people while I take care of some business. Lots to post about in the near future – I’m just trying to decide what to share and what I should keep to myself.

For the record, Jayden did survive his first day of high school. I was a complete wreck all day on Wednesday. I couldn’t even eat (and we all know that means there’s a serious problem) until I picked him up and found out “it wasn’t that bad.” For him, that’s like saying it was the best day of his life! Yesterday was not a good day for him, though, so I’m waiting to see how today goes. Fingers crossed!

Also, I have determined that I am probably the most immature parent ever and/or a horrible person. So the high school’s mascot is the Mustangs. There are two campuses – a 9/10 Center and an 11/12 Center – and the bus to the other campus is called the Mustang Express. I can handle that. Or at least I thought I could, until I found out that there is also a name for the short buses that transport disabled students. I’m sitting in my car yesterday and this announcement comes over the intercom (which I could hear from the parking lot):

Just a reminder that Mustang Express riders should wait until the second bell to leave the building. Only car riders and Pony Express students may leave on the first bell.

SERIOUSLY?!?!? The Pony Express?  I. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. Don’t get me wrong – I do appreciate the school board’s attempt to take the stigma away from riding the short bus. But you’d think they could have come up with a name that wasn’t so unintentionally hilarious.

Anyway, on to the links!

The Linky Linky Links – Check it Out! (Bonus points to whoever gets that lame reference. And you’re welcome for the earworm.)

TL at Budget and the Beach wrote an awesome guest post at Debt and the Girl about things to consider before you start freelancing. After 8 months of self-employment, I can wholeheartedly agree with everything on the list. If you’re thinking of taking the leap someday, I highly recommend this post!

On a similar note, Kevin at Invest it Wisely asked, “How hard is it to become a freelancer?” I will not be offended by the fact that he didn’t mention me in his list of freelancers. Well, maybe a little. But you should still read the post. I agree with him; it really isn’t hard but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare.

Jessica at Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses wondered if her blog is “financial enough.” Boy, can I relate! Much like me, she decided that money, while important, isn’t the only thing worth talking about, and has done a slight rebrand as finance AND lifestyle. Blog on, Jessica!

Sunil at The Extra Money Blog wrote a very timely post about dealing with accounting when you have one or more online businesses. Since my web design business just became a LLC on Wednesday, I devoured this info. Now if only I could stop being a control freak and outsource some things!

Jana at Daily Money Shot is doing a series called The Oregon Trail Guide to Personal Finance, and it’s awesome (that link goes to the first post in the series). I have such fond memories of dying of dysentery in my elementary school’s ancient computer lab….

Mutant Supermodel wrote one of my favorite posts ever – ten things she has learned about single motherhood. Some of the things on her list had me nodding in agreement, while I still struggle with others (like #8!). Still, it’s always nice to remember that I’m not the only one doing this whole parenting thing on my own.

I’m relieved to know that other people have weirdo dogs besides me. L Bee from L Bee and the Money Tree made me literally LOL with her post about her dog’s interesting fetish. Trust me, as grossed out as you’ll be, you will crack up reading this post!

That’s all from me until Monday! If you’re just dying for more, check out Curiosity Killed the Blog, where I talk about all things blogging. I’ve got a couple of interesting posts coming up over there! And, as always, feel free to come hang out on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Thanks for the link love! I read the posts about your dogs too, glad I'm not the only one to have a totally weird puppy!!

  2. OMG, the pony express….

    I'm so happy for you (and Jayden, obv) that it "wasn't that bad" – there is hope! You guys will get through this! 🙂

    PS: I like your whining posts…please don't deprive us of your wit and insight! I'm sorry you're having a hard week, of course – but don't leave us out, let us listen/read and send good vibes your way 🙂

  3. the pony express is really very funny, actually. or i'm also a horrible person. hope the weekend is a good one! 🙂

  4. Invest It Wisely says

    Thanks for the inclusion! I feel bad now… how about you get an exclusive feature on my site through a guest post, instead? 😉

  5. Aww hon I'm right there with you in the high school stakes… My daughter's pushing hard to be allowed to homeschool this year. (her brother is homeschooling).

    Life is tough, and high school sucks beans. That's just reality. I wish you both the absolute best of luck in getting through this.

  6. I am glad Jayden seems to be doing OK but that bus name seems like it would cause more, not less, heckling. Maybe I am wrong but it doesn’t sit well with me.

  7. Wow, "Pony Express." Nice attempt, but it is still a stigma. I did chuckle a little bit 😉

  8. bluecollarworkman says

    Hahahaha, the pony express! Nice.

  9. FarrahMichelle says

    Mustang's Seriously!!! We do have the same child!!! , or in the very least a scary similarity!! Alexander is going to Oakdale High in Oakdale CA. The cowboy capitol of the world I'm told, and their mascot?? You guessed it… The Mustangs!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Pony Express is classic.

    My brother's first day of high school was on Wednesday as well. I think that he enjoyed it. I only saw him once throughout the day. Big campus and what not.

  11. momoneymohouses says

    Thanks for the link love! 🙂 Love your rebranded blog too!

  12. Budget & the Beach says

    Thanks for the link love! I can't believe school already started. BTW I read your other post about how you bought Jayden some trendy clothes to help him fit in. I could totally understand that. I really hope he has a better time in high school. Junior high is so rough! I also have kind of a sick sense of humor. I laugh at inappropriate times and have a 12-year-old boy's sense of humor. I still think the word "balls" is funny. wow huh?

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