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Kid’s Need Braces? Here’s Some Advice


When you hear that your child needs braces, you may automatically worry due to the cost. There are options to help reduce the cost of dental braces. In some cases, children only need either upper or lower braces. In instances where top and bottom braces are required, inquire to see if one set could be done now and the other later to make it more affordable.

Shop Around

Your dentist may not be the most affordable for braces. It is a good idea to contact several dental offices in your local area. Inquire about the cost of exams and the total cost for out-of-pocket dental braces. Inquire with each office to see what types of braces are available. Also consider shopping for discounts on coupon websites such as Groupon. Discounted services or percentages off may be available.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is not expensive. It costs a fraction of what general health insurance costs. While the entire cost of braces is not covered, most plans do cover at least 50-percent. You will be responsible for making the payment on the costs left over after insurance.

With most dental insurance plans the exam and a cleaning are free, requiring no co-pay.


For expensive procedures like braces, root canals and dental implant procedures, the expense is more than the immediate funds available for most families. A good portion of dental offices have financing available. You will be required to complete an application. If you have poor credit, your application for financial assistance may be denied.

In the event that you are denied by an outside finance company referred by the dental office, ask if your dentist’s office has an in-house financing program. A down payment is likely going to be required, but you will be able to make affordable payments should you qualify for the in-house program.

Cash Pay Discount

If you do not have dental insurance, you may be able to receive a discount for braces through the dental office itself. Most medical and dental practices offer discounted rates for those that must pay cash. While the cost may still likely be more than you have available on-hand, a payment plan may be able to be arranged so that you or your child is able to have comfortable teeth that also look straight and centered when smiling.

Consider Additional Options

Many people are choosing invisible braces and items like Invisalign. These are more expensive. Traditional braces are more cost-effective. The bands on traditional braces can be customized for personal preference too. Using a different color band on the braces is not typically an additional cost.

Final Thoughts

Braces are typically kept on the teeth for several years, with 3 years being an average amount of time. Regular dental visits are required to check the alignment of the teeth and make adjustments to the braces. Tightening occurs more during the end of the period of time the braces are scheduled to be on. This can cause some discomfort when it comes to eating, so stick to soft foods for a day or two after the braces are tightened.

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