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June 2017 – Blog Net Income Report

Welcome back to another monthly income report on So Over This! Sorry for the delay this month, it has been busier than usual for me in all aspects of my life. My personal life with a new baby, my day job with increasing responsibilities, and then my blogging/media company as I have picked up a few new customers lately that are all a part of my plan to diversify my revenue.

I’ll cut to the chase and you can see a snapshot of monthly revenue and expenses for June, and then an explanation and path forward as usual:

June came in at just under $15,000 for the month! Most of you are probably disappointed in seeing such a dip in earnings this month, as was I. Truth be told, if you had told me several years ago that I would be disappointed in earning only $15,000 in a month, which is a $180,000 annual income from just a side business, I would’ve scoffed and said you are dead wrong. I am still thankful and feel fortunate despite the drop. That being said, the main reason for the drop is that I wasn’t paid on a timely basis by a few key customers, and that revenue and earnings will fall into July. So be prepared for a record-breaking July that I fully expect to be my first foray into a 6-figure monthly net income!

Now on to my expectations, goals updates, and what’s to come over the next several months:

  1. Acquire more websites and assure they are higher quality: Since last month I have actually been presented with no less than 10 sites to purchase that I didn’t even have to search out. With as much as I have on my plate these days, I stuck with my quality over quantity strategy and decided to purchase the one that I perceived to have the most value for my personal portfolio. Earlier this year I probably would’ve jumped on all of them, but right now I am simply hitting my threshold for what I am able to take on.
  2. Increase my customer base: My focus this year has been on providing the highest quality customer service. I over deliver on my promises to the customer. Regardless, the only way to organically grow my business is to continue to reach out to new customers as often as possible. I utilize Facebook and LinkedIn daily in order to maximum my outreach. LinkedIn has proven to be extremely useful, as I have found a lot of blogging and advertising contacts just by reading my homepage feeds. Also, being listed on there lends me some credibility with them as well. Over the past month I have started working with 4 or 5 new companies, most of which I hope become regular clients of mine. It’s really all about repeat business for me! Also, while I never have, or will, disclose my clients by name, I can say that one of them does over a billion in annual revenue per year. So not only am I diversifying my customer base, but they are getting to be some pretty big players in the market as well.
  3. Work towards becoming a full-fledged digital marketing agency: Haven’t made a lot of progress in this area just yet, but my website is currently in the works that will seek to create awareness of the services I offer, and to branch out on those services as well. It’s time for my company to go to the next level in terms of revenue, services offered, and truly become a full service digital marketing agency that can handle the full stack of marketing services.

Remember… it all started with one website…my entire business began with just starting a single personal finance blog! Now I bring in revenue over $1,000,0000 annually, and my net earnings won’t be far behind that. I’m not a coder, I don’t understand anything that a website plug-in can’t do for me. I’m a technical idiot. My expertise and strength has been in my persistence to simply grow a business online and not to get discouraged and stop. It took a me nearly a year until I earned a dime from my blogging, and now I’m close to earning 7-figures annually.

My ultimate goal isn’t to retire, but rather, be financially independent. I work a day job currently, but the important part is that I don’t have to. I do it because it’s a challenge, I like the people, and I choose to do it. Eventually I might choose to do something else, and I am fortunate enough that I should be able to pursue whatever that is when the time comes.

Think of something you are passionate about and create a blog and put some effort into it! You don’t necessarily have to be the best at it…it only require passion and patience, and the money will eventually follow. Just go to my Easy 4 Step Tutorial on How to Create Your Own Website and get started. The sooner you start the sooner you can carve your path to financial independence!


  1. Awesome update! Congrats on the immense amounts of success and being on the path to FI!

  2. Great job with the online income! It’s not easy to rustle up business, but I like your idea of taking over other websites. It’s so much easier than building your own from scratch.

  3. Happy to see this income report and I too made $650 this month from one of niche blogs through 7 sales.

  4. What are advertising sales?

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