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Items to Avoid Buying this Summer

The picture showing what summer vacation may have been like when you were a kid, or at least what it was like in your head.  The point is, summer can create lasting memories to have with your family, to pass down to your children.  Now unfortunately fun tends to come with opening up your wallet a little bit more.  While it is important to stay within a budget so you don’t put yourself into debt, a little extra summer spending to create a few memories iso worth it, after all, life is all about the experiences, but there are certain items you can avoid buying in the summer.


Sure, we want to give our bride, or our daughter for that matter, the wedding of her dreams, but at what cost?  The most popular time of the year is a June wedding, on a Saturday, when you can expect to pay top dollar, for not only the venue, but just about every cost that goes into it, from the flowers, to the DJ.  If you can look for off-season, you can probably extend your guest list out a bit, opt for that premium bar, and maybe bring in a live band.

A New Car

Until the new models come in, there really is no further incentive to move the cars off the lot, other than to make their monthly sales goes.  Until you start to see that “summer clearance” start to show on every TV station, it would be wise to wait on purchasing or leasing a new car.  You look for coupons for just about everything else you shop for, so why would it be any different when looking for a new car, one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make as an adult.

House Hunting

Speaking of expensive purchases, a house will probably top that list, unless a private jet or a sports franchise is in your future.  The problem when looking in the summer, is that you are with the rest of the crowd, especially those that are motivated to buy quickly so they can move the kids into the new home by the end of summer.  If you can hold off until fall or winter, you may have less of a buyer’s market, which could also hurt you selling your home.

Gas for a Road Trip

Short of a holiday weekend when gas will take a quick spike, you will see its peak around July, hovering at those levels until they cool off in the fall and winter, which could put your cross-country driving plans to rest and opting for a shorter day trip in your home state.  With so many breweries popping up these days, that can make for a fun trip, although overnight is typically optimal due to the amount and high percentage of the craft beer these days.

Seeing Your Electric Bill Skyrocket

It can be easy to leave the air conditioning cranked up during the day and at night, always keeping a cool house, but if you are not home during the day, why keep the house cold.  At night, most nights the temperatures will get down pretty low so that you can open the windows and have the cool summer breeze come in.  You certainly do not have to avoid the air conditioner by any means, but maybe it just means that you don’t have to keep it cranking on full blast all day.


When it comes to buying clothes, it is always a good idea to shop out of necessity instead of want, so if you are able to hold off and buy apparel in its off-season while on clearance, you will save a significant amount of money.  In addition, if you are able to hold off until a big sale, and especially if you can gather coupons, at least the shopping sprees will be a little more financially responsible.

Waterfront Rentals

My wife and I recently looked at renting a waterfront cottage for a long weekend this summer, and that was quickly shot down, when we could book air and hotel to Las Vegas for the amount it was going to cost just to book a place on a lake in my home state.  While sure, it would have been fun, but not that kind of money.  The stay-cations are looking awfully good nowadays, especially if you are lucky enough to have family for close friends that either have a pool, or better yet, live on a lake, and every weekend (as long as you are invited), can feel like a home away from home.

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