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Impaired driving: what makes people break the law?

…After a jolly party 20-year-old Jack took his father’s car and got behind the wheel. He invited his girlfriend Lily to join the trip in the night city. She was not as drunk as Jack was and tried to persuade him to leave this idea. However, drunks walk away, as the popular saying claim, and in several minutes Jack with Lily were whooshing towards the highway. The road was not long. Speed, darkness, abyss… Jack was found unconscious, he lost an arm in the accident. Doctors became unable to save Lily’s life, and she died in the hospital. Jack remained alive but physically challenged.

What is impaired driving?

Such stories happen almost every day. In any corners of the world some couples or friends sit in the car under the influence of intoxicants, and it exposes their lives to danger.

Impaired driving is the special term used to describe the situation when a person drives a vehicle having used alcohol or drugs beforehand. The same could be told about those who undergo a special medical treatment and, as a result, is unable to manage driving normally.

Moreover, in the opinion of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA, mobile texting or phone conversations that distort attention of driver from the traffic are equal to the impaired driving because they make human lives be susceptible to damage.

Driving with ADHD

According to the scientist Zheng Chang, Swiss postdoctoral candidate in medical epidemiology and biostatistics department at the Karolinska Institute, the main troubles on the road have recently been caused by the people suffering from ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

The researcher has analyzed the behavior of more than 2.3 million people with ADHD only to find out that some traits in their mentality make driving especially dangerous for them.

Particularly, it goes about the intrusive desire to take a risk, inability to manage aggressive emotions, lack of attention, and impulsivity. They also were told to run red lights, switch transportation what could cause the accidents. The patients that contracted ADHD also had difficulty in estimation of the appropriate speed, as well.

Why drunk driving should be forbidden

Let’s look at the statistics provided.

In 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put forward a crucially important problem. It has been reported about 112 million times of drivers who got behind the wheel being totally drunk.

According to the statistical data, these numbers felt a decrease of 30% comparing with the same situation for the previous five years.

Next, among every three accidents one crash is provoked by the impaired driving. As a result, 2009 year was sadly famous for approximately 11 thousand deaths.

Is there any exit?

There is a good way to prevent such accidents. Police has to stop drivers more often to check if they are not under the alcohol or drugs. By the way, in accordance with the report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ‘Drinking and Driving’, such measures help to save from 1500 to 3000 people annually.

Yet, the role of every person who cannot stay indifferent to this problem is also crucially important. For example, if you have become a victim of such an accident caused by impaired driving or, perhaps, know some people who experienced its disastrous force, do not hesitate to call an experienced criminal lawyer for all cases of alleged impaired driving. He will, certainly, help you to redress an injustice that usually occurs when drunk people or those under the influence of intoxicants got behind the wheel thinking they are able to drive the vehicle properly.

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