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I Have Abandonment Issues


I swear, I leave for 4 days and it’s like this place curled up and died. No one calls or comes to visit, no one comments… I know the posts I left weren’t stellar but WOW. I feel so alone.

Oh yeah, except I spent the weekend with all the other personal finance bloggers and it was AWESOME! I’m completely exhausted. SO. WORTH. IT. I’ll be sharing some of the excitement from FINCON11 here on the blog, but I promise to include interesting things so the non-bloggers won’t get bored.

A few stories you can look forward to:

~ My stalker diary (unfortunately I was the stalker, not the stalkee)

~ Random drunk guy with the opening line “I’m a douchebag”

~ The ethics of accepting favors from convicted felons

~ The STORM that is terrorizing Chicago’s nightclubs (with low-quality video)

~ Snowglobegate and other swag mishaps

In an incredibly smart move, I took Monday off work, so I’ll have the first post up sometime after I drag myself out of bed. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

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Andrea is a freelance web developer and mom trying to maintain a sense of humor in an otherwise chaotic world. She blogs in hopes of helping others avoid the same mistakes she made in the past. Join in the discussion here on So Over This, or connect on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google Plus. You can also subscribe to new posts via RSS so you never miss out!


  1. sofia durrani says

    Looking forward to it reading all about your adventure. It was great meeting you over lunch yesterday. 

  2. sofia durrani says

    Looking forward to it reading all about your adventure. It was great meeting you over lunch yesterday. 

  3. As a fellow swag hag, I can say that the snowglobe debacle needs to be EXPOSED as truth.  I probably will be posting my favorite recipes from FINCON11…. which basically just booze and italian food.  I will also be submitting a post about conference fashion, which basically consists of just me, having booze and showing up far overdressed and taller than 92.4% of conference go-ers.  We will have to compare data. 😉

  4. 20's Finances says

    I guess that makes me nobody… Looking forward to hearing your stories!

  5. I didn't have an issue with the snowglobe.  I actually managed to smuggle two of them home…in my car.

  6. I can't wait to read these upcoming posts….especially since I witnessed some of the incidents first hand.  This'll give me a real beat on how your mind works.  Oh crap…maybe I'm just scared now.

  7. I know how you feel.  I was on a mini-break for the last 4 days and it seems like there was no traffic at all.  I suppose because most of my readers were at the conference.

  8. The terrible thing is that I'm sitting here a week later reading about convicted felons and The Storm and laughing my ass off about it. I didn't even think to get video of The Storm, so I'm glad someone did.

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