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How to Set up Your Blog to Make Money: A Technical Guide

This is exactly how to set up your blog ot make money. It's a technical guide, but it's not scary, it just teaches you how to make money online from a blog, and he has proof, he's done it himself! He has made over $200k from blogging and keeps increasing his income.
Anyone can make their own blog, but if you want it to have some staying power, you have to do a little more research about how to set one up effectively. Whether you have something to say about being a single parent, or you want to share your passion for running, a blog is a great way to project your thoughts with others. Besides, it’s also a potential new revenue stream, which could be turned into your main source of income should you dedicate the necessary time and effort. But how to go pro on blogging would be a new blog post.

The first thing to get started on blogging is to create your website. Here’s how to go about it properly…

Choosing Your Blogging Platform

Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress?

When it comes to choosing a blogging platform, there really is no competition against WordPress. However, the Blogger community is still going strong and has a popular following (especially in the beauty and fashion areas). Just be aware that you will may be restricted in what you can do or achieve with your blog on Blogger. If you would like to ultimately make money off your posts, you will probably have to move across to WordPress, thereby losing you traffic and readers. It’s best to choose right the first time and go with the safe bet.

Hosting and Getting the Royalties

In order for the blog to be yours by rights, you will have to download the software and host your blog. No, that doesn’t mean the free, normal WordPress fare, but going through a company that charges you to host your blog each year with them. You can get package deals for this, but to make sure that you choose the right one, it’s often best just to call up the company and sort it out over the phone. You will probably end up paying around £50 a year for this, but you can potentially make money off the back of your blog now. If you only have a tight budget, there are still plenty of companies like Bluehost which provide cheaper web hosting service.

Domain Name

Next, you will have to choose your domain name. This is simple to do, and you should go with a .com or package. Just make sure that you’re happy with the domain name before you commit to it. You’ll be stuck with it for quite some time.


Next, you will want to choose your theme. It all depends on the purpose and the target readers of your blog. If you are running a fashion blog, choose a fancy theme with attractive infographics. Be aware of the colour and the font size as it often annoys people to read the content. Try to remove unnecessary plugins and keep you blog as simple as you can – you would definitely lose some traffic if it takes ages to load the site.


When it comes to posting your first articles, be sure to read up on SEO a little. You want to rank highly in Google, so people stumble on to your blog more frequently. Sometimes it’s as easy as keeping your blog updated regularly with lengthy articles.

Once you have your blog, check out this guide on how to monetize it. Hope this helps.


  1. I definitely recommend WordPress for anyone who wants to make money blogging. I used to be on Blogger and still regret it!

  2. The real truth is that many people struggle to build a successful online business with WordPress. They keep adding plugins and other features hoping it will solve their problem. Yet WordPress “as is” won’t build an online business.

    So, despite the dazzling display of WordPress features, the reality for most (non-tech) people who want to create a web business with WordPress is that they need to adhere to an easy-to-follow, all-in-one, proven, ethical webbusiness-building system (not a get rich quick scheme) to get (1) a significant amount of traffic and get (2) targeted traffic (example of such a system: WealthPrinciples dot net). Otherwise you’ll end up having (and building) only a WordPress webSITE but not a webBUSINESS.

    • I think that depends on the business…if your online business is a blog that generates an income, like mine, then wordpress works just fine! No sense in taking on a bunch of costs if they arent needed.

  3. Yup, WordPress no doubt is the best web hosting service provider. So i agree with you that we should always sign up with them from the start, otherwise moving platforms will definitely hurt our following.

  4. Thank you so much for this refreshing and encouraging article! I am just building my blog now and was already starting to get discouraged from other articles. Your positivity is very much appreciated!

  5. Oh my ,great tips there.Am currently building my blog and this article really helped. Thanks a lot and am glad I did with WordPress

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