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How to Save More Money in 2016


It’s that time of year again: the time when we look forward and start deciding all of the ways in which we are going to better ourselves. Most of us start with the usual standbys: eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight. One of my top priority resolutions will be to find even more ways to reduce my spending. Here are a few of the ways that I hope to achieve this goal:

Changing Providers

Why am I paying separate bills for my internet connection and my television package? Companies like DirecTV offers these in a (more affordable) bundle and they, unlike my current television provider, have Direct Ticket. This means that I won’t have to shell out a ton of money for stadium tickets, parking, etc…or worse, smash myself into an overpriced sports bar and then pay for greasy food and a game I won’t be able to hear due to loud fanbros. Why do that when I can watch the game at home, eating food I made myself, with friends.

Staying Home

Speaking of staying home to watch the game, this year I will also be planning on spending more time hanging out at home. This doesn’t mean I’m going to be anti-social or a hermit! Most of my friends, like me, are trying to save more money in 2016 so we’re going to have more “hang out at home” days together. It’s much cheaper to bring a dish of food to share over to a friend’s house and have movie night, sports day, or game night together. We’ll have all the fun we’d have going out for a fraction of the cost.

Exercising on the Cheap

Yeah, yeah, I’ve already talked about how everybody vows to exercise more when the calendar flips to a new year. This year, though, I’m not joining a gym or buying a ton of new equipment. Instead, I’m canceling my gym membership and investing in a yoga mat and a good set of weights. I’ll walk to anything happening within a mile of my home and bike to anything happening within two miles of my home. Then I’ll use apps like Gorilla Workout for at home physical training. I’ll get in more exercise naturally and won’t have to spend a bunch of time at an overpriced gym where I usually cut my workout short anyway because the super fit people make me feel self conscious.


This year I’m going to learn how to cook. Like, really cook, not just follow directions on the back of a box. My goal is to be able to look in my fridge and whip up a whole meal based on what’s in front of me. My hope is that by learning how to do this, I will be less reliant on take out, frozen foods, delivered pizza and other junk that’s terrible for my body. I’m also hoping that when I know how to create something new and tasty out of leftovers, I won’t waste as much food. Both of these things will save me a ton of money and be beneficial to my health.


Wait, what? I’m supposed to be cutting back on my spending not spending more money! What gives? Well, you know that old cliche about how you have to spend money to make money? Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Here are a few of them:

  • A good reusable water bottle–so I won’t keep buying those cheap plastic bottles when I’m out and about.
  • LED bulbs–most of my CFLs are a little old, so as they burn out I’m replacing them with LEDs. LEDs save more energy and will reduce my power bill more than the CFLs did.
  • A good pair of shoes–you know all of that walking I’m going to do? It’s going to wear down my cheap shoes pretty fast. So I’m going to invest in a really good and durable pair of shoes once instead of cheap shoes every month.
  • Seeds, soil, and containers–growing my own herbs will save me a fair amount at the grocery store, likely more than I’m going to spend on my small container gardens.

These are just a few of my plans for cutting back on what I spend. What are some of your financial goals for 2016?


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