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How to Choose Funeral Insurance

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Whenever a loved one passes away, it can be very distressing to know that they won’t be around anymore. When you’re grieving, the last thing on your mind will be the cost of a funeral, but they can be pretty expensive, especially when a partner, relative, or close friend dies suddenly. Typically, a funeral costs thousands of dollars, and if you find that money’s a little tight, despite wanting to give the recently deceased a great send off, you may find that, even if the entire family clubbed together, you could still be short of the amount needed to pay for a funeral.

Fortunately, a little preparation in the event of a family tragedy can at least ensure that you’ll have the means to give the deceased the best possible farewell. Taking out funeral insurance will help you to meet the cost of burial, the coffin and the funeral service, not to mention any additional costs you may face. However, choosing the right policy is more difficult, but here are a few handy tips for selecting the best cover:

  • Choose one that gives you value for money – everyone likes the idea of cheap cover, whether it’s for funeral costs or private health insurance. However, a cheap policy isn’t always as comprehensive as you may expect, so it’s important to get the most comprehensive cover possible for the best price.
  • Choose how much you want to cover – with funeral insurance you can insure yourself for costs of between a few hundred and $15,000 (Australian Dollars) or more. Knowing what you want covered in terms of costs can help you to find the appropriate cover.
  • Select a policy that you can keep for life – with most funeral insurance policies, you can take it out from the age of 18 onwards, and can keep it for the rest of your life, which is useful in case you worry about your family being able to pay for your funeral.
  • Find out about cover in the event of accidental death – in some cases, insurers can increase the money paid out if you or a loved one dies as the result of an accident. Any policy with that clause is worth another look at least.


  1. I've never thought too much about funeral insurance, but this is a great reminder that it can be a very smart choice!

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