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Home Security: 4 Tips Every Single Woman Can Practice

The following is a guest post from Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe & Infobia. Kevin covers issues related to home security, crime, safety, and consumer issues. Kevin is a dedicated writer and musician, spreading the word through music and blogging. SimpliSafe is a leader in the wireless home security field.

No matter what neighborhood you’re living in, the thought of living alone can be at first a little frightening and unsettling, especially for a single woman.  Let’s face it, women are often targeted for crime.  Not to fear, there are a couple of insignificant changes that you can make in your home to fortify your safety and peace of mind.  Here are some safety tips and precautions that any single woman can use to improve her home security.

Let’s Break it Down:  Burglaries By The Numbers

According to the FBI’s latest estimate, there are approximately 2,222,196 burglaries annually in the United States.  On average, that’s a burglary every 14 seconds!  Think about it:  By the time you finish reading this article 2-3 burglaries have occurred.  If you didn’t believe in home security before, I bet you’re thinking about it more now after reading those statistics.

Here are 4 tips that you can use to boost your home security:

A No Brainer – We’ll start with the basics first.  It’s critical to lock all doors and windows in your home or apartment.  An intruder will always check to see if a door or window is unlocked before he kicks or smashes his way in.  Whether you’re leaving your home, or just staying in for the night: lock it up!

Quick Tip:  If you’re just moving into a new home or apartment, it’s probably a good idea to have all the locks on your exterior doors changed.  You don’t know how many people that might have the same key to enter your home.

Peep Hole – Burglars apply many sneaky methods to find ways into your home.   For safe measure, you never want to answer the door unless you can see the person on the other side.  The rule of thumb is if you don’t have a good view of your front porch from a nearby window, install a peephole.

Window Cloak – Don’t want the whole neighborhood to see you dancing around in those old sweats?  Window curtains are great for keeping nosy “creepers” from looking into your home, but they also make it harder for a burglar to see what kind of goodies you have inside.  If a burglar sees an expensive flat screen TV mounted on your wall, they’ll be tempted to break in.

Burglar Alarm – Statistics say that homes without home security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.  Burglars prefer breaking into homes with as little effort as possible, and if they know the home is equipped with a burglar alarm, chances are they will move onto the next vulnerable target.

Andrea’s note: As the only adult in the house, I’m always concerned about staying safe and knowing what to do in case of a break-in. I keep my doors locked even when I’m home during the day! Tips like these are great for anyone (but especially women) who want to protect themselves in their homes.


  1. Although I'm single, I don't have pets for security. However, I lock my doors when I'm away or at home. Plus, I leave evidence that I am home even when I'm not. Stereo on or TV on. It's kinda like the timer lights that my parents had when we would go away on vacations. They would turn on each night at 5 or 6.
    Since I'm too frugal, I don't have an alarm system. I still need to work on getting my student loans paid off.

  2. These are great tips, and really a good deadbolt can stop a lot of break ins. In general theifs are lazy and if it takes too much effort they will just move on. Other tips for homeowners that are good are keep bushes and trees trimmed around windows and consider planting sharp / thorny plants around windows. Roses not only look good, but hurt if you are trying to climb through them!

  3. These are great tips. The harder you make it for people to break in, the less likely they are to make the effort. While I don't know if this is effective or not according to statistics, I've heard that having a ton of steps up to your front door is a huge deterrent. So flat lots aren't always the best! 🙂

  4. I like this post and would like to see Kevin guest post another time! Good tips! oh and to andrea's side note: another good idea because some burglars actually will break in during the day knowing most people are at work or if you are home elderly etc.

  5. I love this post Andrea. I don't live alone but I am always a little bit scared when I boyfriend spends the evening out with his friends and I am alone in the apartment.

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