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Home Projects to Schedule for this Summer

As real estate prices keep climbing, we see more and more people investing in their homes. From extensive renovations like replacing kitchens or remodeling washrooms to small aesthetic changes like changing the color of their front door, homeowners are hoping that these capital investments in their home will pay off when the time comes to sell.

However, though many indoor renovations can be done at any time of the year, others require good weather or at least higher temperatures to go ahead. These services are best booked in the spring to ensure that the busy contractors can fit these projects into their full schedules and access the materials that they need to bring your vision to life.

If you are looking to invest into your home by scheduling some improvement projects this summer, consider using the favourable weather to accomplish the following things:


Roofers don’t work in the winter and it’s no wonder why. The last thing anyone wants is someone hitting a patch of ice and slipping off your slope. Things like moisture levels and insulation are also problems, especially when there’s a family living inside rather than it being an empty new-build. Get the roofing company in early in the season, especially if you have leaks and the spring rain storms could mean damaging leaks.


Obviously, landscapers don’t work while there’s snow on the ground- not only is the ground usually frozen, it’s unlikely that the effects of their labour would flourish if done under the wrong conditions. Hire landscapers who’ve been offering premium landscaping services for several years if you are looking for a coherent and well-thought out project complete with professional execution.


Pavers are another construction-related group which does little, if any, work in the winter. For their work to be of premium quality, you need to schedule their services at a time when your material of choice best cures, whether that be asphalt, concrete or anything else. If you are noticing that your driveway is coming to the end of its lifespan but you don’t feel like addressing it this year, at least get a reputable company to come in and do an estimate. If you like what they are offering, ask to be booked in for next year.


It’s true that your kitchen is indoors and technically it’s not a problem having it done in the cooler seasons. However, having the ability to cook outdoors on a portable stove or a BBQ is an appealing option when all of your appliances are unhooked and you can’t use them safely. It’s the season for patio meals and picnic-ing anyway, so you won’t feel as inconvenienced as you would if you were tackling the kitchen during the winter.

Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool can be a huge selling point, especially if it is stylishly designed and well-maintained. If this is the year before you plan on selling your home, you might want to get a specialized team in to address any issues that would heed an easy flip. Replace the lining, spruce up the deck, and check if the pump and filter are in a good state. The summer is the time to do this, as the rest of the year your pool is likely inaccessible. A word to the wise, if you can tackle this project at the beginning of the season, before the pool is filled, you won’t have to deal with draining and refilling it later in the summer.

Though the summer is usually a time to kick back and relax, many people make the most of the weather and accomplish some of their home renovation projects. Many of them have been proven to elevate the value of their homes significantly, making this an investment worth making, even if it means that some of your summer might be complicated with renovation projects.

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