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Having Adequate Health Insurance is Critical

There are so many different types of insurance out there it’s hard to imagine we need all of that coverage. I have home, health, auto, umbrella, and life insurance! I once did any analysis of how much money I spend in one year on insurance and the amount was staggering to say the least. This certainly begs the question, “how necessary is insurance?” My answer is quick and to the point, VERY! Insurance is something that vital to keep us protected, both financially and physically, but it’s also something we hope we never have to use. I certainly don’t want to wind up in an auto accident, but if I do I have the peace of mind knowing I’m covered. If my house should get flooded, or a fire starts in the kitchen, I know my homeowners insurance will fix any necessary repairs. All types of insurance are important, but the most important type is health insurance. All other types of insurance are protection for personal property, whereas health insurance is protection for your body! Let me provide a quick explanation why health insurance is so important.

You must always expect the unexpected! A lack of health coverage is a recipe for disaster. In some cases hospitals and doctors can refuse to treat you without adequate coverage, and with the rising cost of healthcare it is nearly impossible to pay for these expenses out-of-pocket. I remember my first job, we had several different healthcare plans to choose from and I naturally went with the least expensive. Later that same year I had to have emergency surgery, and because I had minimal coverage I was on the hook for a $10,000 hospital bill. Had I paid an additional $20 a month I could have avoided that entire $10,000 bill. As I always say, paying a little extra now can save you a lot more later on.

So now that you understand the importance of having health insurance, the next step is finding leading company in the health insurance industry. One such reputable company is HBF, they are a leader in health insurance, and have several plans and policies to choose from. Stop by their site to look for a suitable HBF health insurance plan that works for you.

When choosing a plan make sure it provides coverage for hospitals and doctors in your area. The last thing you want is a medical emergency and you don’t have any local coverage. Also, make a list of your current physicians and then check to see if they are covered under your current plan. Nobody wants to change their doctors just because their insurance doesn’t work with them.

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