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Having a Pet is Hard Work and Costs Some Serious Money!

Admittedly it’s been quite awhile since I had a personal post on here. My day job has been overly hectic, long hours and underappreciated, but aren’t we all?? I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks! Most of that is a result of the long hours I’ve been putting in, but a little part of that is because my alarm is set to 5:30am every morning so that I have enough time to play with my puppy. Rewind to about a month ago and my wife was hounding me to buy a tiny little puppy. I love dogs, but they are expensive, time consuming, and worst all…the mother of all allergic reactions! Well, she found one that we didn’t have to walk much, wouldn’t have to spend much time cleaning up after, and best of all…hypo-allergenic! I remember making plans that night to go out to eat, my wife was running a very characteristically 2 hours late, which I though nothing of it. She peeked her head around the corner, and then the rest of her body came after that. She had a tiny two month teacup Morkie in tow (Say that 5 times fast). For those of you that are interested I have attached a picture of her below. For those of you who aren’t interested then I would stop reading now as I will be photo bombing you with her pics. Say hi to Stella!


This was probably a week after we got her, she was just over two months old and weighed a mere 1 POUND! In fact, she was so small she could walk right through our chain link fence and into the neighbors yard, YIKES! She is a whopping 2.5 pounds now, and has an expected full fize of 4 pounds…so she will always be the size of a stuffed animal. We love that adorable little thing, but she keeps up busy. I warned my wife that we would have our hands full with a puppy, considering how busy our schedules already are. She convinced me this would be good prep for having children which is something she wants to do right now as well. After several sleepless nights of her whining and constant need to go potty outside, I realize that my wife was right, this is like prepping for a baby…and almost as expensive as one to boot!

Cost to Buy a Dog

First of all, I can already predict I will have several emails from my readers that will argue I should have gone to a shelter to get a dog. Yes, I get it, but remember I didn’t actually ask for a dog it was my wife’s idea…and she “surprised” me with one. Once she saw Stella it was over, that was the only dog for her. I mention this because the price tag would have befit a small car let alone a small dog. I won’t get into specifics but I will say she cost somewhere in the 4 figures, and if this wasn’t a living breathing thing I would have made my wife return it immediately. So to get back into my readers good graces, YES, if you want a puppy please visit your local shelter. It is the most humane and kind act you can do, and it is a hell of a lot cheaper! That being said, I wouldn’t trade my little dog in for anything. After all, how can you turn away from this little thing? (ahem, please see photo #2 below)


Cost of Food and Accessories

Don’t let all the pictures of sleeping fool you, she only rests when it’s most convenient for her…not for us! Which is exactly why we not only have a very expensive designer crate for her, but also a large plastic play pen that surrounds the crate as well. If you look closely in the picture above you can see the Kardashian-esque crate that she has, pink plaid pattern and all. Your second lesson, should you buy your dog from a breeder and/or pet store, never buy any accessories directly from them, it will cost you a fortune compared to online shopping. I was wise and purchase her play pen online, which I must say has 60 sq. ft. of open space for her to romp around in. We felt bad because we crate her at night, and then play with her two hours in the morning before work, then she has to be put back in the pen until one of us gets home from work. Her play pen set me back $100!!! We got one with a front door that latches so it’s easy to let her in and out. I could only find one of it’s kind anywhere I looked.

Now fortunately food and treats are much less costly. A small dog eats less, naturally. We are still on her first bag of food 6 weeks later and it will probably last another 6 weeks. Granted she will eat more as she grows, but I don’t think a 4 pound dog can put away too much food that it’s going to break the bank. She has become accustomed to treats though, like it or not, it’s the only way I can get her to go potty outside like 50% of the time.

What’s that…you wanna see another picture of her? Sure!


Toys and Shit You Never Even Thought Of

Sorry for the blunt heading above, but it describes it perfectly. We find the need to purchase her a toy every single time we leave the house. Oh, she loves each new toy, for about a day. The only requirement is that she be able to chew the hell out of it, and that it has some sort of squeaky noise to it…if only life were that easy for all of us! Now on to the latest and greatest purchase, puppy steps!!! She always wants to be where we are, bed, couch, etc. The problem is that she can’t reach any of those things, and probably never will. Even if I didn’t mind lifting her on and off every two and half minutes she still has a tendency to get close to the edge when she wants down. That’s like falling off the Empire State building for a ting dog like her. So for my own peace of mind I bought a ramp for the bedroom, and a scalloped puppy steps for the couch. You will have to Google the scalloped steps to see what they are, but essentially they are smooth and have less space between them for extra small dogs…they also cost about as much as a plane ticket to Hawaii. FML.

As of today my wife is emailing me to buy a new 40 x 48 clear plastic pad to put under her play pen area. Ya know, the same kind you buy to put under a computer chair. They don’t even make them in 40 x 48, so I’m sure there will be a special order fee attached to this one. This dog comes with a lot more expense that I ever anticipated. We haven’t even gotten her spayed yet (I think that’s the female version of being neutered) which I heard can set you back another $500.

In summation, before you buy a dog make sure you are well prepared for the both the time and money aspect! In either regard, now that we have her I couldn’t imagine my life without her, but she is still one expensive handful. That being said, I generously provided one more pic for your enjoyment below.



  1. She is an adorable baby, very expensive though.

  2. She’s cute but way too time consuming for us! We are a cat family and I must say from reading all your expenses cats are way cheaper. I would contact several vets and shelters to ask about special days they have for spaying. I know here they have 1 day every few months where they only charge $20 the difference is they don’t take appointments that day it’s a first come first served thing. But if it’s really going to cost $500 I’d be willing to do that to save the extra money.

    • Thanks for the info Jessika! I will consider it. The main reason the cost is so going to be so high is that they do a need procedure now where they use glue instead of stitches…it’s actually a quicker recovery time, and she won’t have to wear that cone around her neck for two weeks. Normally I would go with the cheapest route, but my guilt probably won’t let me this time, I’d rather make it easier on her.

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