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Happy Quit-o-versary to Me! Come Win Some Money! {CLOSED}


I absolutely love celebrating things (that is, things that aren’t Christmas or my birthday), and today there is much to celebrate!

Not only is this my one year quit-o-versary (AKA a year since I quit my job), but it also marks 3 years since my divorce was final and I became free to live a better life on my own terms. Great things seem to happen to me on December 14, and I’m assuming this year will be no exception.

I’ve spent all week reminiscing about my first year as a freelancer, so I won’t repeat myself. The important things you should know are:

  1. I made it a whole year!!!!
  2. I love my job.
  3. I am the happiest I’ve been in my adult life.
  4. Oh, and there’s that part where So Over This has a new look! (if you’re reading this via RSS or email, you should come check it out)

Woohoo someone bring me a cake!!!!!!!!!

This is kind of goofy, but I want to share a song that has been very motivating to me throughout the past year. It came on the radio in my car when I left my former job for the last time and I cried like an idiot (tears of joy, not sadness). While I’m far from the kind of fame and fortune described in the song, the sentiment isΒ exactlyΒ what I feel when I think about this journey.

Even if you’re not a big hip hop fan, check out the lyrics – they’re awesome (and sorry for the huge video – WordPress is being difficult):

Speaking of Money (Though Maybe Not Young Money)

I decided to do something fun for my quit-o-versary, so I’m giving away $100! (Yeah, I know, it’s not the most exciting prize. But it’s still money.)

The giveaway is open to anyone with a valid PayPal accountΒ and will be open until the 21st at midnight. When it ends, a winner will be chosen randomly. No fake entries – that’s never any fun! Just use the widget below to enter for a little extra cash!

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  1. I love that the colours in the picture echo your banner up top πŸ™‚ Happy Quit-o-versary Andrea! I'm so happy that you decided to do what was best for you πŸ˜€

  2. OK, in all seriousness, I actually listen to that song all the time for motivation. too funny! I quit my last job after i met my new boss through a random connection!

  3. In honor of your Quit-o-versary I will sing "Take this job and shove it" in my head all day. I will also use excellent grammar. LOL – congrats again!

  4. The worst job I've ever had was corn De-tasseling in the summer as a high school student. Yes, I live in Minnesota. It was a cold, wet summer and we trudged through mud most of the time. Yuk.

  5. oooh loooove your layout and design!

  6. years ago i was working as a labor for a brick layer, he said i was fired, i say i quit….one day i will have to tell you all the story so you can deside…

  7. deenadollars says

    CONGRATULATIONS, ANDREA! It has been a pleasure to watch you succeed this year and to cheer you on just a little.

    I am trying to win ALL THE MONEYS, so I will tell you the worst job I ever had: grad student. In two days, it will be my six-month-o-versary of getting the heck out of there, packing my shit into my car, and driving to Boston to start a job and a life that I am much, much, much happier with. Making big moves. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey, money is money, awesome!

    I used to work for UPS and HATED it. Killed my back and they weren't very employee friendly to the truck loading dudes like me. I finally got out when I found someone else who woudl hire me. That still took about 2 years though.

  9. Those are both such amazing milestones! I want to send you a real cake πŸ™‚

  10. Worst job I ever had was my first job at a Dollar Theater. The Theater was dirty and the customers were rude, plus the assitant manager spent his time studying for classes instead of actually working. I just walked out one night in the middle of a shift and didn't look back.

  11. My worst job was in accounts receivable at a small family owned manufacturing company in a local county. The owners were self-absorbed chain smokers, and they each had a grown son from previous marriages who worked there. Well, they got paid, they didn't actually do any work. Yet they took credit for ideas others of us had. The event that pushed me over the edge was one of these sons standing in the doorway to my office using it as a scratching post like a big old bear. Then he said he had scabies, but his mom told him to keep coming to work anyway. I never went back in.

  12. Congrats Andrea! My worst job was when I worked as a server for a restaurant. I didn't make any money and they told me I could make like $80 a shift just in tips. Seriously, there were days where I didn't even break $10. It was the worst run place I think I have ever seen. Oh well, the restaurant is closed nowcuz karma is a bitch.

  13. The WORST job I ever had was when I worked night shift at a hospital as a phlebotomist. I loved being a phlebotomist, but the people I worked with were awful, terrible human beings! Quitting that job was kind of similar to your situation – I just quit even though I had no other job lined up and no idea what to do. I didn't pursue self-employment but I came out of that nasty situation credit card debt free within a year.

    And Congratulations on all of your success this past year! Here's to 2013!

  14. Congratulations!! Money is always a good giveaway πŸ™‚ Thanks

  15. My worst job was working at a grocery store that was close to the campus! There were college students there all day long and the stacking work was back breaking. I complained so much about it to my parents, that my Dad just asked me to quit and promised to pay me if I got good grades. I felt bad taking more money from my parents, but I was so glad to quit that job!

  16. My worst job ever was working for the State. I had a micro-manager for a supervisor who hated that I didn't work my caseload like she did, so nothing I did was ever good enough for her. My allowance rate was in the top ten percent of the office (which was a good thing) and my accuracy rate was 99% due to one return from Federal review (in 5 years) on a technical issue in a stat blind case. I lasted only one year with the micro-manager. One afternoon, as I sat crying in my office, I decided I had had enough of her crap and turned in my six week resignation letter. The big boss – who was a spineless doof – had the balls to ask me if I was sure I wanted to resign and then asked what I was going to do when I left. I told him yes, I was sure and though it was none of his business, I would finally be able to get off the antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds working there had caused me to need so I could function! I had almost a month's worth of vacation time accrued, so I continued to be paid after my last day in the office. I started my current job about three weeks after my last day in the office, and I couldn't be happier!

  17. The worst job i had is working retail at Nike town. The job itself is not hard but I hate retail its so boring and I don't like any job with a sales aspect to it. The worst part of the job was the coworkers who were so clinqueish no one except for like 1 or 2 people EVER talked to me eventually I got let go because it wasn't a good fit eventually the store went out of business I was so happy inside ! Lol that's what they get!

  18. My worst job ever was a cart pusher at a grocery store where they took out union dues after I told them I didn't want to join (right to work state) and then didn't pay me the following check. I quit working until the pay got straightened out and then they pissed me off and I quit before one of their busiest days. It was a great feeling, but I was just in high school.

  19. Budget & the Beach says

    Happy Anniversary! The worst job I ever had (and this beat working at fast food) was when I worked at a trailer editing company back in 97. I only made it 6 months. There was a guy there who made my life hell, and everything about the job just about ruined movies for me for the rest of my life. Long story!

  20. My worst job was telemarketing. I was supposed to call people who had entered the company's "contest" and attempt to set an appointment for a pushy salesperson to come to their home. It was a good job in terms of pay and work environment, but I hated every phone call I made. I didn't like the dishonesty of the "contest", and I suspected the products (home solar) were over-priced junk. I lasted 5 days. On the 6th day, the dread in my gut growing as the school day ended and work time approached, a thought occurred. "I don't have to work there!", so I went in, quit, and was out the door 15 seconds later.

    I was 17 and still in high school.

  21. Hm… It is not the "worst job ever" but the job I was most unhappy at was my last position as a consultant in a small boutique firm. The job itself was fine but the management is what made me hate it.

  22. My worst job was as a server in high school. We would always get shorted in tips and the boss was horrible. Luckily, it went out of business pretty fast.

  23. The worst job I ever had was a data entry position at Cedar Point. It ruined CP for me forever!

    Congrats :).

  24. My worst job ever is the one I wrote about on the blog where I was being bullied by my boss. After her had a melt down one day and physically threatened me, I quit the next day and never looked back. I dream of the day I will be able to work for myself, from home….in my yoga pants, but I am pretty happy with my job now!

  25. I've actually always loved my jobs!! I guess the worst one would have been at a hospital cafeteria, and the only thing I hated was the boss. She fired me because she thought I was stealing (which I wasn't!! She had a new manager that didn't know how to count down a drawer!) It was OK though, because my husband later became her boss and got to fire her! Sweet vindication!

  26. debgemologist says

    As a complete change of subject, I'm getting a kick out of watching your slide bar. It's at 143%!!! On the 14th!!!
    Not bad for your first "Quit-o-versary", no?
    And people think Southern accents are super cute. Trust me, I'm from Texas and that's what everyone tells me. So don't worry about video, you'll do great in that too.
    The reference to video isn't completely random, I just read yesterday and today's posts at the same time.

  27. I honestly haven't had any truly terrible jobs… but I suppose there's plenty of time. I was on the phones for my college's alumni association for a few weeks, calling people to ask for donations. Most awkward moment? I called and asked for a recent grad (couple years out), and his mother told me he'd died. They didn't cover that in training.

    Then there was the temp job that was about a 2-hour commute by train, and they handed me a TYPEWRITER and expected me to immediately fit into government corporate culture. Gah! Thankfully the temp agency found me another position (which lasted 7 months) after a week.

  28. I left the last job that made me miserable – unfortunately, it was the owner of the small business who was making me wish for death to free me, and then I've been unemployed for three years since then. Ugh. Good for you that you've actually made it work through your creativity and efforts!!

  29. I just left a job that made me miserable. I was an office administrator for a smallish company–the HR Manager was my boss, but continually made unacceptable comments towards me. I was continuously given work that I didn't have the proper training on. The hours were part-time and miserable. The only thing about the job that was "good" was the pay. I happily took a pay cut to work at an organization that I actually care about! Go me!

  30. The very worst job I ever had was at a department store office, not as a retail clerk. Nearly everyone I came into contact with at this place was miserable, rude and bossy. There were a couple of "men" (I use the term loosely) who would undress me with their eyes and I could tell that both of these married jerks thought they were all that AND a bag of chips.
    My workspace was filthy and outdated. The data entry monitor was really slow and my chair was a padded straight chair, not an office chair. My immediate co-workers wouldn't acknowledge my existence unless they wanted me to do something. No one ever called me by my name.
    I hung in there because I'd paid an employment agency for that sh***y job and I was determined to get my money's worth. I got fired after 4 months. Hallejuah!!!

  31. lol…i really like that song and I would love to win a $100 dollas!

  32. Worst ever: worked w/an incompetent, degrading, lazy sexist boss who undermined me and all my work while I worked 20 hour days, 7 days a week, made and reneged on agreements in ways that would cost me money, spent his time prying into my private life and then complaining to coworkers about me and my "failings" for refusing to let him into my personal life and refusing to let him control it. When that didn't produce results, he got someone else to help him start rumors about me. There was a slightly karmic ending to that but I can't talk about it publicly.

  33. Congrats on making it a year after quitting, that is quite the achievement. I like the new design, it is quite clean. Nice job Andrea!

  34. plantingourpennies says

    Even quitting jobs I'm glad to be rid of – I still had horrible guilt complexes! =)

  35. When I first saw this I thought you were celebrating quitting smoking. But good for for quitting something that was bringing you down. And thanks for hosting this giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  36. Nancy Black says

    My worst absolutely worse job was in a nursing home working as a nursing aide. I was hired then gradually they kept adding more and more residents to my routine., 15 residents were way to many to take care of and know you had a done a good job. Everytime they called me after my shift it was to work a double or trible shift because of no shows. I found that I had no time to interact and cherish the residents. I told them I guit and they said I couldn't. I was killing me and how can you care for others when your dead on your feet??

  37. Happy anniversary! I love the new look. $100 is NOT a boring prize – show me the money!

  38. My worst job was catering in college. It was my first job, and you literally had to fight to get signed up for shifts, because it was first come first serve when it came to scheduling. I was 18 and they offered absolutely zero training (except for how to fold napkins and fluff up tables, but nothing about how to use the dishwasher or where things were stored, or anything actually important). One of my first shifts was cleaning up an event by myself at midnight, and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, so I left dishes and a note in the kitchen. I was then told that I was expected not to sign up for shifts if I didn't know what to do, which basically meant I couldn't sign up for anything because, did I mention, no training? Worst 9 months of my life ever.

  39. I had a boss that FLIPPED out on me several times over the stupidest crap. I ended up scouring for a better job and finally landed it, and gave my two weeks' notice. He never once said anything to me after I submitted my notice. Bastard.

  40. My worst job hands down has to be when I worked at the local amusement park. I worked at one of the diners inside and it was no picnic.

  41. Congratulations on your "Quit-adversity!" (irresistible pun, sorry;) Actually I never had a job I hated, and once I quit a job that I loved (VP & Creative Supervisor at a Big 4 Madison Avenue advertising agency) over an issue that boiled down to ethics. Like you, I started my own business, which I named Projects for Peace, Incorporated. Its mission and credo was "Profitability through Social Responsibility" and one of its first projects was PEACEBUCKS . I'm still working hard to promote this philosophy because today, it's more needed than ever.

  42. My worst job was working as a telemarketer. I escaped when I stopped showing up.

  43. My worst job — 6 months as a temp doing collections for a high interest loan place — really hated that job, but I had to eat, so glad I could quit and go to school

    Congrats on your quit-o-versary and thanks for the chance to win

  44. I could so use $100! My worst job was working at a bingo hall with my dad throughout high school. We rented out bingo computers (yes, they make computers for bingo, so you can play like 72 cards at once) and we had to carry them back and forth from the boss's house each bingo night and they were heavy. The worst part, though, was being stuck in a room with 200 people chain smoking for 3-4 hours, since this was years before our city passed its smoking ban, We used to smell so bad when we went home at night, and sometimes the smoke would make my eyes water uncontrollably.

  45. My worst job was a seasonal amusement park. Hot, co-workers always hungover, first time away from home, and the boss was a tyrant. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  46. Congrats on everything! I hope to quit my job and venture out on my own one day.

  47. The worst job that I've ever had was as an office assistant at a jewelry store. Actually, the job itself wasn't bad. It was the boss who was the worst.

  48. Happy Quit-o-versary!!! My worst jobs were never about the actual jobs themselves but rather the terrible bosses/co-workers. I once worked as a receptionist and, during a tornado warning, all the other employees got to leave their desks and huddle in the middle of the building while my boss told me to stay at my desk right next to a big window so I could keep answering the phone! At this same place they expected me to wash everybody else's dishes in the lunchroom! Um, no…I quit.

  49. The worst job I ever had was working for an unethical business owner after newly graduating college; I wasn't sure how to handle all the ethical dilemmas that would come my way daily.

  50. Congratulations on surviving a year! Happy, happy!

  51. My worst job? The one that I had at 15 at Arby's. Totally sucked. I quit when I was accused of doing something or another that I didn't do. (The guy that said I did whatever was fired after that.) Then there was the one locally owned by a family. Never, ever, ever work at a family-owned business. I quit that one to work at UK. My job at UK was awesome.

  52. My worse job was in a nursing home i loved the residents but management were the tightest money people i had ever met i left after i found out i had been short paid for 18 months. Thanks to the Union I got my money.

  53. LittleMsMoneybags says

    Congrats! It's been really fun to watch your journey and I'm so glad you're so honest about what it's been like. Here's to another great year!

  54. Canadianbudgetbinder says

    Happy Quit-O-Versary Andrea! Must feel good to see how far you have come and continue to go! The worst job I ever had was a dishwasher boy when I was is in University. I still hate washing dishes to this day but I do it. Cheers!!! Happy Holidays

  55. Worst Job: Working at Beckers as a cashier.. I got to deal with drunk perverts at all hours of the night. NOT fun or safe.

  56. I feel blessed to say that I haven't ever had a job I really hated. They've all been challenging at times but deep down I've been happy at every job I've had. Congrats to you on such a successful year!

  57. Congrats, Andrea πŸ˜€
    You sure deserve this happiness for all your efforts.

    Anyways… worst job? Substitute teacher for classes made entirely of deranged 18 yr old boys πŸ˜›

  58. Congratulations on making it through your first year so well! And I love the new site design!

    Hmm… worst job… I guess I haven't really had any horrible jobs. I babysat, I taught dance classes, both of which I liked doing, I worked at a coffee shop, which was stressful at times (people are nuts before they get their coffee!) but overall a lot of fun, and other than that I've just done research. When I taught dance, I mostly taught pre-school aged classes, which could be a lot of work – it never fails that the perfectly behaved child when mom is watching becomes a crazy/screaming/crying child when mom runs out to run some errands…but overall it was fun.

  59. makemoneycleaningoffices says

    Worst job: 3 years in the US Army. Pointless exercise in futility.

  60. Congrats on making it a year as the master of your destiny.

  61. Worst job? Working in a fabric store for a psychopathic manager. He sent me home after 1 week to change because he didn't like the shoes I was wearing. I left and never went back. Now I look back and wonder why I stayed a whole week!lol

  62. I have happened to enjoy all of my jobs!

  63. It's a tie between city reporter at a major metropolitan newspaper and wife to my former husband. I escaped both by leaving — first one, then the other.
    Other than that, the worst job was working in a glass factory one summer. It was explosively hot (we were really damn close to, you know, actual blast furnaces), we had to stand on concrete floors for 8 to 16 hours a day (I got a lot of overtime), the work was mind-numbingly boring and the factory played horrible C&W and pop music way, way too loud. Ack.
    Congratulations on keeping the freelancer life going.

  64. I've had some pretty bad days substitute teaching! Lots of good days too though!

  65. Worst job.. fast food. I escaped by going to college and leaving town!

  66. Happy Quit-O-Versary!!! It's so awesome to be doing what you love and actually earning a living at it!

    My worst job was hotel housekeeping. Ugh. We got paid by the room, which meant that we had to do two rooms per hour to make more than minimum wage, and there was no incentive to take breaks or do a decent job. I think one Saturday I didn't pee for seven hours *shudder*.

  67. working in a prison

  68. The worst job I ever had was cleaning office buildings aka the toilets of rich guys in suits.

  69. I think my worst job was selling glow sticks at county fairs. After a few weeks I just didn't call in to get any more shifts.

  70. The worst job I ever had was during the summer right after I finished high school. And it was at a summer camp. I had to clean up the mess hall, the bathrooms and all the rooms. It sucked! After about 2 months, I got hired with the job I have now and quit that summer job for good!

  71. apenny4athought says

    Worst job I had was flushing the cities water mains in the middle of the night. Paid well, but hated it. Escaped by furthering my education so that I would be qualified for the job I currently hold!

  72. @FrugalBeautiful says


    You know my worst job experience ever- working downtown in a friggin blizzard, where my coworker was told to come to work and got hit by a car during emergency conditions and I ended up working a 14 hour shift FOR NO REASON since everything in downtown Chicago was shut down… Oh, and no paid overtime. Ya, quitting that job to be a freelancer was pretty awesome.

    See you at the vodka hut!

  73. bahaha Congrats! (there was never any doubts)

    Worst job I ever had was… god there's so many. I worked at McDonald's for 2 weeks when I was 15, that was pretty bad. Employment looked up after that.

  74. The best job I ever had was working at a Farmer's Market – it was awesome to be outdoors all summer! The worst job I ever had was at a call center taking insurance claims – people are NOT happy when they are reporting insurance claims…so that was not my fave.

  75. Happy quit-o-versary to you!!

    Worst job: Working the lunch counter at the same University I was attending. It was a bit humiliating to try and serve my dorm roommates while wearing gloves & hair net. I think I last a whole….oh…..three days. The second worst job was in a day care as my specific job working with the 3 year old who were in the throes of potty training. But every single day I had my head handed to me on a platter by some parent who either jumped to conclusions about a situation or carried over their bad day. Now as a parent myself, I am extremely mindful of how I react to day care workers and ask for their opionion first before giving my thoughts. Day care owner loves us!!

  76. My worst job ever was as a receptionist for a real estate office. All female agents were catty and nasty. The owner/boss, the only male, was sleeping around with various agents. Three were pregnant! The boss made a move on me and I called him out on it, that same day he fired me, HA!! Good riddance.

  77. Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!! Great name also πŸ˜‰ All the best to you in the New Year, thanks for your sweet paying it forward with a giveaway!


  78. The worst job I've had is making those labels that say machine wash warm/tumble dry at a blue jeans factory. It made me really want to go to college.

  79. @blondeonabudget says

    Woo hoo! Happy Quit-o-versary!

  80. The worst job I ever had was my first real foray into employment. I cleaned vacation cottages with a friend on the weekends. My mom drove us there, and we cleaned for 6-8 hours. Doing strangers' dishes, cleaning their toilets, and sweeping their floors made me VERY confident that I didn't want to do that for a career! πŸ™‚

    Happy Quit-o-versary! πŸ™‚ I hope to have one of those myself in the next couple of years. πŸ™‚

  81. The best job I ever had was doing surveys on the street for a local newspaper. Learned a lot and got a massive kick out of it!

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