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Hand surgery: pros and cons of modern medicine

The forums put forward the topic of hand surgery and discuss it widely. They stare the pros and cons of the hand surgery course and find a great deal of advantages as well as drawbacks. In this article we will look at this issue from several points of view.

  1. Opportunity to get rid of all the problems at once

The possibility to cope with the pain, numbing fingers or any other problems connected with the arms could be a salvation for the patient. As more advanced technologies come into our lives, there are bigger opportunities helping to cure the hand diseases and problems related to the movement of wrists.

  1. Ability to cope with the several problems

Operation usually helps to demolish several problems with the health simultaneously. For instance, it could be a perfect way to deal with such diseases as

  • arthritis,
  • ganglion cysts,
  • ulnar impaction,
  • carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • trigger finger,
  • problems with elbow, etc.

So, the operation covers a wide range of troubles and is intended to get rid of them all. As you see, it is quite convenient. Moreover, the hospitals that are specialized on the operation arrangement generally deal with the thousands of medical invasions done.

  1. Possibility to remove pain

As it is largely approved by the medical practice, it takes a long time to choose the appropriate treatment. However, the new advanced technologies allow to choose a non-invasive hand surgery to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is done with the help of endoscopic surgery when two incisions are made in the wrist and palm. Next, the doctor who is leading the surgery inserts the tiny camera. At the same time, the carpal ligament receives several cuts. The doctors continue that all these procedures make influence on the lack of scars on the skin afterwards.

By the way, it is rather comfortable to organize the hand surgery because one needs only to stay in the hospital one night. Some pain is able to worry a patient during the first two weeks; then it will disappear. There is also one more condition that follows the surgery. One has to take not more than eleven pounds during two months after carrying out the operation.

  1. Will you have some complications?

The question of complications makes everybody anxious. People are generally afraid of certain risks, and it is quite normally.

The most common scare inherent to people who decide whether to undergo the operation is connected with the possible risks of anesthesia that sometimes ended with the infections or damages of nerves. In addition to that, doctors always warn that if the problems with hands are accompanied by extra weight, diabetes, or thyroid disease, it will be difficult to fulfill your tasks at the job for at least one month after the surgery.

Definitely, the time of recovery could be considered as the drawback, however, it should be lived out. Moreover, the doctors claim that if the pain after surgery remains, it will still be less strong than similar complications after the other types of hand diseases treatment.

  1. Is the pain long-lasting?

Almost all the doctors come to conclusion that the surgery is about to help in case the pain in the hand is of long-term nature. If it has been experienced once or twice, other kinds of treatment may reveal the pain.  That is why, even though it is a choice of a person how to cure his hands, all the advantages and disadvantages of medical invasion as well as surgery should be considered.

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