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Friday, Random Friday

Happy Friday! It’s going to be a short one today – I’m in the process of moving all my websites to a new server, so chances are good that no one will even see this post. Still, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone in case things go faster than anticipated. (Because, you know, you’re all sitting around just waiting for me to post something new.)

Askholes. This is my new favorite word. There is nothing I hate more than spending time giving someone information, then watching them ignore me. Well, I’m lying. There are several things I hate more. But I don’t want to talk about those because then this will no longer be a short post. Seriously, people, if you don’t want to hear what someone has to say, don’t ask! Or at least say something like “I’m going to ignore this advice, but thank you for providing it anyway.”

High school. We’re at the end of week 2 and Jayden has yet to fake illness, rant about the government’s plot to brainwash children through education, OR tell me he needs a mental health day. So overall I think it’s going well. He finally got his IEP back after years of annoying drama with our school district, and I can already see the impact of the extra support on his mood. He’s on a kick about how he doesn’t want to get a job, but that’s just his way of finding something to be anxious about since he’s not overly anxious about school like he expected.

The bank account situation. The day I wrote the post about choosing a business bank account, I found out that PNC now offers mobile check deposit for business accounts. So yeah, basically I worried for no reason and I opted for the best bank ever instead of a local one. I’m waiting for my account PIN so I can register for online access, but I’ve already been working on my cash flow plan to integrate the new account into my system of budgeting and paying bills.

Three things I’m looking forward to in September. Next month should be a fun one! I get to go to the Financial Blogger Conference in Denver at the beginning of the month, even though I probably own the least financial blog on the planet. It will be the first “vacation” I’ve taken since last year’s conference so I’m pretty sure I’m long overdue. Also, by the time I get back, we should finally start getting a break from the unbearable 100+ degree temperatures – it’s usually in the mid to upper 80s until Thanksgiving or so, but I will be THRILLED to walk outside without immediately feeling my body dehydrate. Finally, I’m looking forward to a bit of relief from my crazy summer work schedule so I can plan for the holidays and 2013. It really isn’t that far away!

That’s all I’ve got for today! Hopefully you guys actually see this post and not “Site not found” all day, but rest assured, things will be back to normal on Monday. (Or at least as normal as things get around here.)


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  1. I saw it! It worked! Congrats on getting everything over to the new server! I'm glad Jayden seems to be doing well in high school. It is pretty amazing because high school can be traumatic. I wish I could go to the blogger conference but I will go next year assuming it is scheduled better in line with what I'll be allowed to take vacation for… I hope you have fun! I know you need a break 🙂

  2. Askholes, I love it. Drink pleny of water before and when you come to Denver. Seriously, my dad almost died the first time he came (well not really but he thought so). You can just suck up water through osmosis in KY. Not so in CO.

  3. Mid 80s through Thanksgiving? Swoon. I can't wait to meet you! PS I will take any extra advice that other people won't hear.

  4. Askhole. I'm so going to remember that term, even though I've kicked most of them to the curb, haha. So glad to hear your son is settling into school well!

  5. thefrugaltoad says

    My new favorite word! Askhole! I know a few.. Glad to hear school is going well with Jaden. In Arizona, most students with IEPs no longer receive services they are mainstreamed. Like many things in this State, the legislature does not appropriate funding for services and doesn't really care about the consequences.

  6. does your city/county have an occupational tax (or like i call it the extortion tax)?

  7. My baby sister is an Askhole. She calls me weekly to tell me about some unsatisfying relationship that she has rushed into and when I tell her what I think she seems so attentive… and then I'll get a text about…oh, three days later complaining about the current or future loser.

  8. Budget & the Beach says

    Glad your son is doing OK so far in high school! So jealous you are going to the conference!!

  9. I have known quite a few Askholes. Love that name!

    I can't believe the Financial Blogger Conference is coming up so quickly! Looking forward to seeing you there.

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