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Friday Ramblings: Work Overload Edition

That awkward moment when you know exactly what you’re going to write…until it’s time to actually sit down and write it. Yeah, that was me last night. So you get a bunch of unrelated stuff instead!

Life is good right now. Jayden made all As and Bs on his first report card, Specter is apparently a girl because she now has a kitten following her around (though luckily not in the house as far as I know), and business has been steady. And by steady, I mean steadily kicking my ass. I haven’t taken a day off since I got back from FinCon12 over a month ago, including weekends. I think it’s time for a break!

Comcast Sucks Mini Update

So I filed a BBB complaint against Comcast. (See background here and here.) When I wrote my last post about my connection woes, I had been escalated to a supervisor who promised a solution. The most recent technician showed up last week, told me that fluctuations in the temperature outside were causing the problem (eyeroll), and said he was powerless to do anything about it. When I tried to get in touch with the supervisor assigned to my case, I was told that she put a note in the computer saying my service was “fine” and there was no way to get in touch with her directly.

Talk about seeing red. I asked to be escalated to a different supervisor, and the one I got was a complete douche. He refused to look at the long history of my calls and tech visits, telling me that my options were to have another tech come out or to replace my modem. The one I’ve already replaced 3 or 4 times. The one that numerous techs have confirmed is NOT causing the connection problems because it’s in the lines. So I filed a long, detailed complaint and it probably won’t do any good either. Comcast has so many complaints it’s not even funny.

A Story About Dog Poop (Yes, Really)

Remember how I wrote about my dogs being total weirdos? Yesterday was a perfect example. I was trying to get Jayden to wake up for school. (He had slept on the couch because he, too, is a weirdo at times.) While I was threatening to take his birthday away, Moxie decided to poop in the living room floor, unbeknownst to me. When Jayden finally jumped up to go to the bathroom, he stepped in the dog poop.

You’d think he got shot. He ran around the house screaming like a complete drama queen, trailing dog crap the whole time. And Bentley the poop eater was chasing him around trying to lick the turd splotches off the floor. Then Bella decided to pull her fainting goat act. You guessed it – right on top of the poop. Meanwhile Moxie is frantically licking Apollo, who is growling with that scary “I’m gonna kill you” growl, Bella is rolling around on her back, and Jayden has managed to leave about 147 poop spots throughout the house.

Somehow I managed to clean Jay’s foot, get him to school on time, clean up the poop spots Bentley missed (gag), keep Apollo from eating Moxie, get the poop out of Bella’s fur, and actually get some work done. I’m still not really sure how. Then I daydreamed about a world where you can call on Mary Poppins to fix gross stuff like this.

My Project

I sound like I need another project, right? Well apparently at some point it seemed like a good idea so that’s what I’m doing in all the spare time I have.

Since no other blogger in the world has thought of this idea (sarcasm), I’m working on an ebook. Four of them, to be exact. The series will focus on setting up and customizing WordPress for beginners. These aren’t going to be little 10-page ebooks with ridiculous prices; they’re substantial and will teach you everything you need to know if you want to start blogging.

If you’d like to be informed when the books are done and receive a discount on the set, you can check out the landing page I set up until the real site is done. I’ll also be asking some of you to read through the books and give an honest review closer to the release date.

That’s all for today! Please go do something fun this weekend and tell me about it – I need to live vicariously through my friends since I’ll be working. 


  1. That's great that you're business is doing great! And I would definitely read your ebook 🙂

  2. It's homecoming weekend – you can dream of all the people who are tailgating and cooking out getting ready for the game. Hopefully they'll win AGAIN, geesh, you'd think we have a good team or something. LOL

    My son is at the academy and they are having an outing tomorrow, it's picnic day. We get to go up to Bernhiem (sp?) Forrest and spend the day with the boy. It's going to be an awesome day.

    The ebooks sound awesome! I think you really have a lot to offer other bloggers.

    Love the poop story, too.

  3. You have all my sympathy on the dog poop issue. For the last two days, my dogs have decided my den was party city. Couch cover off and torn, yarn out the doggie door and the old cat terrorized. The other two cats left as soon as I got home. They had enough. Must be a full moon for dogs.

  4. I woke up to cat puke, dishes not ran, pj's in the kitchen and all kinds of other stuff. The only difference is it was all from my husband wtf! Thought I would share in hopes to lighten your spirit and let you know, you aren't the only one that wakes up to complete chaos. (You should see my Friday post, if you think you couldn't come up with anything, mine is about my cat. lol. I did, however, tie it into finances-sort of.)

    As for fun this weekend, I am signing up for a Gorilla run. (The gorilla part is fun, not the run.) I get to dress up in a Gorilla suit, give money to animals in need and run (mostly walk) my way to glorious food and entertainment. 🙂

  5. I'm been in the same boat about forgetting what I wanted to write about. I've been better about using Evernote in my phone to jot down ideas as they come to me so that I can pull them up later.

  6. therandompath says

    The poop story is funny 🙂

    Comcast really sounds like the worst company ever. We have Time Warner. We never had modem problems, but have had 6 cable boxes comepletely implode on us. Yes, they've been out here that many times. They kept replacing the cable box with an old one and of course it stopped working.

    Your e-books sound interesting! I definitely need to learn more about WordPress.

  7. Already signed up for the eBook! Please put me in as a guinea pig. American Debt Project needs real customization, and I have to do it myself (sadly)…so your books are exactly what I need! I'm loving the income progress bar. Keep it up!!

  8. I love this idea with eBook! I'm still on Bloger but will need to change it in the future so your book will be just on time I guess 🙂

  9. Congrats on Jayden's grades! Sorry about the poop. ;o) Also flabbergasted by the way Comcast is treating you. Good luck with the BBB complaint and ebooks. May your weekend be stress-and-poop free, at least!

  10. Canadianbudgetbinder says

    Hey that's great mate that your son is bringing home some good marks. What is his favourite subject? I would love to review your e-book when you get them sorted out. WordPress for me is something I really, really want to learn more about and as you know I typically come to you for sound advice. I know these e-books will be great for anyone who wants to learn more about WordPress like I do. As for Comcast well, I wish you all the luck. It's amazing what we have to go through just to get someone to listen. Cheers mate Mr.CBB

  11. I'm not intimately familiar with the regulatory environment in Kentucky, but you should try to call these guys: If I'm right, they regulate the telecom business in Kentucky, and giving them a call might speed up Comcast in getting their stuff together.

  12. Signed up for the ebook; good luck with it! 🙂 You should put your dogs on dog shaming. I love that site and makes me glad my dog is just an occasional "spiteful urinator".

  13. kimateyesonthedollar says

    I'm really interested in the ebook. Dog crap on the carpet sucks, but it's funny how you just deal with it after the 111th time you have to clean it up. I carved Snow White and Little Mermaid pumpkins this weekend. Fun, not so much, but they look pretty cool.

  14. You are awesome with all these projects. I've been doing a ton of projects around the house, having fun with my family, and not doing anything online lately. It's kind of awful, but you know what my family has been going through lately…we NEED some family togetherness and fun! Oh and my oldest and I had a mother-son date night! So much fun! I need to do that with all the kids. I'll be back to doing more online work tomorrow, and I will try to find some time to read your books if you still need some opinions and feedback.

  15. Comcast is absolutely horrible here in the Washington DC area as well!

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