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Five Great Reasons to Use Home Delivery Meals


Gross, frozen, calorie counting home delivery meals are a thing of the past. No one wants to add hot water to their freeze-dried meal, or tear the plastic film off their frozen dinner anymore, and that is why fresh organic farm to table home delivery boxes are such a huge trend right now. I recently signed up for Blue Apron, a home delivery meal plan that comes with three meals per box. All the ingredients are fresh and organic. You do have to cook the meals but that is fun and easy part. There is no shopping or sifting through the pantry to find the spices or ingredients, and recipes are simple to follow. I have had a great experience getting these fresh organic recipes and food to my house the past few months and suggest giving it a try. You can even signup and get your first delivery for a discounted price or maybe even free with a coupon code! This is definitely worth a try. Below are my top five reason why getting home delivery make your own meals is great for a single person, vegetarian, and family!

Reason 1: Learn to cook new foods

With the home delivery meals, I have learned how to cook so many different foods that I never knew existed or how to cook them. For one meal I received was make your crispy shitake ginger dumplings, and I had the best time making them. The box provided all the ingredients to make them and I just had to follow the instructions. First I laid all the ingredients out on the counter; I looked at the recipe card with pictures (yay!) and double checked I had everything ready to start cooking. The instructions were great; they told me how to cut and clean the mushrooms and what temperature to cook them at. They instructed me to the processes of creating the filling for the dumplings and what seasoning to use. The recipe even had pictures to show me how to close up and try the dumplings properly. After reading the directions and following the picture instructions I created an amazing dinner for my family without screwing up! Using things like bok choy and baby cabbage, ginger, and sesame oil was totally new to me, but turns out I can cook with these unique ingredients and the food taste good!

Reason 2: Trying something different

Like I said before who knew I could cook things I have never heard of and have it taste great? Trying something new for dinner has always been a struggle in my household. From the traditional burgers and tater tots, to pot roast and mashed potatoes, it hard to switch up the menu every week or two. Of course they are days where boxed mac and cheese and frozen chicken nuggets are all we have time for, but most days I try to cook homemade meals.  Home delivery meals have changed the way I look at food and the thousands of ingredients that are out there. One of the best meals I made was called Korean Bao Sliders. This meal really took me out of my comfort zone, and it was awesome! I had never cooked Korean food before so I was nervous, but the word slider made me think “ok I got this”.  This meal consisted of ingredients I have never heard of such as Chinese Steam Buns, Persian Cucumber, Gochujang, and Black Bean paste. Preparing these ingredients was easy, from thinly slicing the Persian Cucumber to peeling and slicing the sweet potato chips, even separating the white part of the scallion from the green part was new to me.

Reason 3: You don’t have to shop as often and let things go to waste

Shopping each week is hard to avoid because most people like having some fresh fruit, eggs, and milk in their house. But buying food to make meals for only two people can be tricky, and I notice that lots of things go to waste.  With home delivery meals there is no food waste. The meals are set for two people and that’s how much you cook. There is portion control in these meals because they only ship you enough food for two or four people based on your delivery profile. This has helped with over eating, going back for seconds, having too much leftover, and throwing things away. For example it’s frustrating to buy a 1lbs package of ground beef for cheeseburgers for only two people, and then an eight pack of hamburger buns, and ten slices of pepper jack cheese when I only needed two! I usually make three 1/3 patties made out of that pound of beef and only two buns used. What and I supposed to do with all those left over buns and one extra patty? I try to make sandwiches for my work lunches on them, or make egg salad sandwiches for dinner one night with bun, but that’s not healthy, fresh, or what I really want to be eating. With home delivery meals I get to switch up the menu every night and never feel obligated to reuse the same ingredients all week. Even the spice blends that come with the meals are perfectly proportioned. I have thrown away so many jars of stale expired dried herbs and spices because I bought them for one dish, one time and never used it again. Wasting food is not something I like doing, and I’m happy that home delivery meals are portioned correctly for my family.

Reason 4: The recipes are easy to following and can be recreated

Along with learning how to cook new things, recreating the recipes I learned is a huge thing for me. I try to follow the recipes to a T when cooking them for the first time, but on the second or third time I add a little more garlic or a little less pasta according to their directions. I enjoy combining new flavors and techniques.  The recipes are easy to follow and have taught me new cooking techniques, such as how to make a kimchi marinade and how to smash garlic with the back of my knife.  Steaming Asian slider buns over a pot of boiling water is something I had never done before prior to getting Blue Apron. One of the coolest things about following the recipes and recreating similar dishes is seeing all the different types of knife cuts for vegetables there are. I grew up eat asparagus on the side of dish in their long skinny state, it wasn’t until the recipes that were delivered to my house that I learned to slice them up into half inch sizes and mix them in pasta or risotto. There is a whole new pasta world out there, and looking for different kinds at the local grocery store is something I do now that I have learned these new recipes.

Reason 5: Most of the meals take less than 30 minutes to cook

Working a full time job keeps me busy every day, and after work I don’t want to have to stop at fast food to feed my family, or preheat the oven to cook frozen food. I love taking my dog for a walk each night and working out at the gym, so cooking has to fit into my lifestyle somewhere. I love that all the meals are already portioned for me. There is no measuring out how much spice to use or making sure I have enough meat to sauce, having the ratios of ingredients already portion out for me is such a time saver. From the beginning of the preparation to plating it for my family, it hasn’t taken me more than 30 minutes. From boiling pasta, sautéing vegetables, and cooking meat can all be done in no time. I feel so good knowing that my night isn’t ruined by slaving over a meal and that I cooked a homemade organic fresh dinner for my family from start to finish in no time. It’s amazing how much the convenience of having meals planned out, fresh whole organic ingredients, recipe cards, and delivered to your door can change your life. I have always enjoyed cooking and never looked at it as a chore, but trying to make something on a busy night is never easy no matter how much you love it. Home deliveries meals have changed the way I cook and eat forever.

These five reasons alone should have you considering getting an at home delivery meal service to your door too. Ask your friends to send you a free sample box if they get meals delivered. You could also start following one of the companies on Facebook for coupon codes and recipe ideas. As a culture we can eat so much better than taco Tuesday, Pizza Fridays, and crockpot Sunday’s. Try one of these meal delivery options and expand your foodie horizon!


  1. I would love to get meals like this delivered to my home. It’s amazing that they can ship all the3se things and keep them fresh. I like that the recipes are decided for me so it would force me to try new things. Like you I tend to stick with what I know, so this would be a nice change for my family. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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