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“Experience” Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

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Make this Christmas one for the book by giving your family and friends “experiences” instead knick knacks that will likely just gather dust or be re-gifted during next year’s holiday season. These gifts are consumable memory makers that don’t take up much space, are easy to wrap (none required!), and inexpensive to send to the recipient. It’s also a great way to be a little more environmentally conscious this holiday season, when we tend to produce so much waste.

Here are 5 ideas for “experiences” that you should gift this Christmas.

  1. Concert

There’s an abundance of concerts, ballets, operas and more around the Christmas season. From the majestic Handel’s Messiah to the chilling beauty of the Nutcracker, buy a ticket to a holiday classic for the person on your list who appreciates live performances and these wonderful traditions. Otherwise, there’s usually a full calendar of events from January through March, so start scouring the web for tours of your friends’ favorite bands or artists. They will be so grateful, they might even invite you to come along!

  1. Workshop

Workshops are a great way to bond with a new group of people while learning a new skill or technique.  Sign your friend up for a table-building, flower crown making, or cocktail making workshop, and who knows, maybe you’ll benefit from their new knowledge or skill! The best part is that they usually walk away with something that they made, so they’ll have a lasting reminder of the fun they had with the gift you gave them.

  1. Spa

Sometimes what people need is to just relax, so instead of getting them to go and do something, give them the opportunity to “let go” during a day at the spa. Buy a gift certificate to a spa that is focused on offering an experience of complete relaxation and will give them options to customize their treatments and experience to their needs and wants. A spa session or a gift card to a well-renown spa is something that few people splurge on regularly, but dream of experiencing more often.

  1. Lessons

Has your father always wanted to learn to swim, or your mom how to cook the perfect pad thai? Find a place that offers lessons for whatever your family member or friend wants to learn, even if it means it’s just going to be a single one-on-one lesson. You’d be surprised at the options out there- yes falconry lessons exist!

  1. Membership

Is you sister a museum nut or your boyfriend a nature addict? There are memberships for things like that! Look at how much an annual membership to the museum or your local nature authority goes for, especially if they like to visit a few times a year. A gym membership is also a popular gift, or a membership to special interest clubs that the person is too shy to join or can’t afford to buy on their own.

  1. Restaurant Outings

Gift cards to restaurants or coffee shops are always great options, especially for people that you don’t know that well or you know are huge foodies. Dining out is always a great bonding experience for people, and even if they decide to use it for just themselves, it’s a gift that offers huge convenience and a chance to explore a new spot.

There are a ton of ideas for consumable zero-waste gifts, and while we offered a few suggestions, there are many more that you can come up with. Remember that these experiences are fun, smart, and good for the environment. Time to make some memories!

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