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Enjoying Some Family Time in Florida

Ruth Williams hails all the way from Tampa, Florida. She is a proud mum of four, and now helps organise guided trips to the US from her European home of Bordeaux, France. On top of all this, every now and then she still finds the time to share some secrets about her native country with online readers around the world.


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When single mums hear the words ‘family holiday’, their blood pressure can soar. Visions of temper tantrums and arguments often spring to mind, and with good reason. Without the right planning, trips away from home can be nothing short of disastrous. Also, the pressure is on. Life these days is hectic and it’s not often that single mums get the chance to spend quality time with their kids. This means that when opportunities do arise, it’s especially important to take advantage of them.

The key to arranging fun and stress-free family vacations is effective preparation, and of course it helps to choose the right destination. One fantastic option for many single mums is Florida. This sunny state offers plenty for mums and kids alike and it’s now possible for people to make the most of cheap flights to Florida.

Before jetting off, there are certain details mums should get to grips with. For example, if they’re travelling long distances, it’s helpful if they have travel bags for each of their kids. These bags can include activities to help keep them entertained, as well as a drink and some small treats. Also, to avoid forgetting important items, it helps if busy parents pack well in advance.

Once they touch down on the Florida peninsula, the fun can begin. There are beaches to enjoy, complete with golden sands and clear waters. Then there are all the family-friendly activities to make the most of. First on the list for many families is Walt Disney World. This attraction may not be cheap, but it never fails to put a smile on youngsters’ faces. Children are instantly transported into a world of wonder and magic when they step through the gates.

Then there is SeaWorld to explore. This tourist hotspot boasts marine animal shows and thrilling rides. Visitors can get up close with manta rays, sharks, penguins and beluga whales and there are superb dolphin, sea lion and killer whale shows to enjoy as well. When mum and her brood are in need of some rest and refreshment, they can tuck into meals while whale-watching. SeaWorld also has educational value. Kids can learn about conservation while they are there and they also have the chance to get the lowdown on animal behavior.

For energetic families, the Everglades are another must-see. There are lots of activities on offer in these beautiful wetlands, including canoeing, biking and walking. This part of Florida is a world away from the glitz and glamour of Walt Disney World and SeaWorld and it can make a welcome contrast for parents who want to experience a more authentic side to Florida.

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