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Do You Have an Online Shopping Addiction?

I sit at my computer desk all day for my regular job, working from home, in addition to blogging, so I am online for the majority of each day.  I use my own equipment, which means that websites are not blocked like they would be working within company walls, so when on breaks and lunch away from work, I have access to virtually an endless supply of online shopping.  Maybe I can blame trigger finger for adding items to my online shopping cart and hitting “submit order”?  While that is not something my wife would probably buy as my excuses for the countless number of boxes that come in the mail a few times a week.  That leads me to the realization that I may have an online shopping addiction, and you could too. If you are addicted, make sure you check out Canadian coupon sites for savings.

Anyone that has the old-fashioned thinking that shopping is for women should really take a hard look at their own purchases.  I really never thought I had a problem, but the more I saw my Amazon empty boxes pile up before it was recycle day and the credit card statement start to add up is when I really started to notice.  In retrospect, my wife hardly spends anything, the largest bill being at the grocery store, where she does the responsible shopping to make sure we have lunches and dinners planned for the week, so it is hardly fair for her.  Honestly, all of my purchases for the house in some form or another, but are they necessary?

Although you have anything you could possibly want at your finger tip, the biggest downfall to online shopping is that it takes away from the deciding period, which in person actually handing over your card can give a sense of “do I really need this?”, especially for a large purchase, where I have often changed my own mind into not getting.  With online shopping, you see what you want, order it, and it comes in the mail; there really is not a period to think it over and allow yourself time to save up money for the item.  Shopping online can seem to be a shopping spree, not feeling the effects until the credit card statement comes in the mail.  Now that I have told you mine, take a look at your own online shopping spending habits, as I now need a period of shopping reflection myself.

Online shopping has lazily tricked us into thinking we MUST have things that we certainly have little to no need for. Online shopping is actually creating quite the pent up bubble for shopping demand that wasn’t there when we used to have to travel to brick and mortar locations. Instead of wasting our money on countless of online clothes and electronics, we need to focus more on our long term financial security. Take disposable income and put into an investment or brokerage account or simply increase your 401k contributions! Anything is better than relentlessly throwing your money away on depreciating items that won’t provide you with a secure future.


  1. There’s a programme you can run on your computer that can temporarily block certain sites for you – helpful if you’re a student and procrastinating instead of getting an essay done!
    Ahh I can’t remember what it’s called though. I can try and find it if you like if it will be helpful? 🙂

  2. I have lately saved a ton of money by leaving items in my shopping cart for at least 24 hours. Most of the time I end up not purchasing.

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