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Direction of this Blog, and Getting to Know Me

By now I’m sure the faithful have realized that this blog has taken on a considerably different tone in the last month or two.  Our fantastic blogger and friend, Andrea, has decided to take some time away from blogging to focus on other avenues of her life.  Her and I have had a professional relationship the last couple years as she helps me with all the techie stuff about blogging that I just simply can’t grasp.  When the opportunity to take over this site came about I knew I simply couldn’t refuse it.  I’ve created blogs, bought others, but have to say this is the highest quality of them yet.  No doubt, Andrea knew what she was doing, and I’m reminded of that at least once daily when I receive an email from yet another loyal reader asking “why the tone of blog” has changed.  Admittedly, I am a poor substitute for Andrea, but I still want to at least somewhat carry the personal voice that accompanied this blog since its birth…albeit a different voice, that of my own.  Hopefully at some point down the road I can wrangle in Andrea for a guest post and update on her life and what she is currently keeping busy with as I am sure many of you are anxious to hear. So without further adieux, I introduce to you….

Hello! My name is Justin, some of you may know me from my other blogging ventures.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, I am an early thirty something corporate finance manager with a hobbyist love of personal finance.  I’m by no means a financial planner, expert, or heavy investor… I’m just a guy with a finance degree (again not the kinda finance you are thinking of…yea I get that a lot) who has a simple 401k, a brokerage account, and saves money in a low interest earning account like that rest of you.  No fancy financial derivatives in my portfolio, hell I don’t even have an IRA.  So you’re probably wondering why a guy like me is blogging about personal finance when I’m clearly not an expert. Well I do have some experience getting into serious amounts of debt, and then finding a way out of it!  Not to mention all the trial and error over a long lengthy painful debt laden 12 year period.  I spent a long time rolling over credit card debt to higher limit, temporary interest free cards, and accumulating even more debt.  I drove cars I couldn’t afford, took trips I had no way of paying for, and watched my debt grow to well over $20k.  Keep in mind that $20k is misleading, it makes you think that I racked up $20k in debt and then simply paid it off…but in reality, I worked myself up to $10k, found a way to pay it down to $5k, then found a way to make it skyrocket to $15k, and so the cycle went for all of those years.  Last but not least, a lot of the temporary pay down in debt can be attributed to taking out student loans and using those funds on things other  When all was said and done, I estimate my debt hole to be somewhere around $60,000.  Yes I have since paid it off, but that was not an easy task, and neither is staying out of debt for that matter.  Financial discipline is a difficult thing to master, especially when you are practicing it a decade too late.  But enough of this debt tirade, you will hear more about me as the weeks and months roll on.

So, you might be wondering why I bought this blog if I own others…and the answer is simple…I have a personal finance blog, what I don’t have is a personal soapbox to stand on at the moment.  Well, enter So Over This.  This blog already has a great readership, excellent traffic, and it’s about a lot of different things.  I enjoyed writing about personal finance (over at Money is the Root in case you were wondering) but when I realized that was my readers wants I simply began losing interest.  So once that blog became profitable, I hired a ghost writer to draft up content for me to post.  But as of late I’ve found a want to blog again, but I needed a new venue for my voice, and I believe I’ve found it.  On this site I can talk about whatever I feel like, I can rant about the crappy customer service I receive from…oh just about everywhere it seems!!!  Oh yeah, you are gonna hear me complain about the bix box companies like you’ve never seen before.  You’re also going to hear about my married life, buying and selling a house and why I would NEVER do it again (either side of the transaction), why my job often stresses me out, my current living situation with the in-laws…you name it, you’re gonna get it.  That my friends is why this blog is perfect for someone such as myself, because nobody on my other site(s) wanted to hear about this sh*t…I can’t blame them really, but my blog my rules, so prepare yourself 🙂

Yes, you have seen some rather common and derivative posts on this site, and you can blame me all you want!  I’m a sell out what can I say?  But I’ve learned a thing or two about how to cover the costs of running a blog (and yes they can rack up more than you think) and AT TIMES turning a small profit.  So if you don’t like the advertising undertone of “that one” post, then simply stop reading it.  You will be getting personalized posts such as this from me every now and again, and you might find yourself wishing for the advertorial posts instead.  Regardless, if you are at all interest in learning about me, my life, my musings, and what is to come for this blog (I promise it will be semi-exciting) then please continue to read on.  Feel free to email me on the contact page of this site…I’ll answer just about any question you have! Say what you want about Charlie Sheen but I always thought his most redeeming quality is that he was an honest person.  Imagine that, an honest person in Hollywood.  You might not like his boozing or womanizing, but when the media asked him about it he answered them with the bold truth, and well I’ve always respected the man for that.  I get tired of the “no comment” and those perfectly put together statements by a paid publicist….so you won’t get any of that nonsense from me!

Last but not least, when we get to know each other a little better I will throw up a pic of myself…but in the meantime, if you find you can’t contain the excitement any longer, stop by Money is the Root and you will find a picture of my wife and I in the “About” section.  TTYL my friends.

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